Cat Chooses Vernon Parker To Win In Arizona CD9 Race

In the Arizona¬† CD9 race a cat named Isis seems to have the insight that Republican candidate Vernon Parker will beat Democratic opponent Kyrsten Sinema to become Arizona’s newest member of Congress. While there has been no response from the Sinema camp on how they feel about a cat choosing Parker over her, the Republican candidate is energized. Meanwhile, a picture of Cat Galaxy’s station manager Isis sitting in front of a Parker For Congress sign after she predicted a Parker win has gone viral creating a buzz amongst voters who think that the candidate that embraces a love for animals has a clear shot of winning. Certainly, those who love cats are coming out to support Parker.

With only one day left to vote in the general election and every human buzzing about Romney vs Obama, it’s easy to forget that there are local races going on. The AZ-CD 9 race has become the race to watch both locally and nationally. Isis’s prediction of a Republican win in that district is proving to be truer every day. Parker has gained momentum, especially amongst independents which is a large demographic in a district where Republicans and Democrats are the minority. Both candidates are definitely trying to win over the independent and undecided voters. While Sinema has attacked Parker on issues with ads stating he plans to destroy Medicare and education, she’s also resorted to a another vicious tactic, the war on women. Yes, she’s painted a picture that Parker like all Republicans are anti-woman.

Parker has stated that he’s very pro woman, as he was raised by strong women who helped him get a top notch education. In fact,¬† retired US Air Force Lt. Col Wendy Rogers who Parker faced and defeated in the Republican primary election has been campaigning for him. This is a woman who has helped clear a path for women in the military. She became one of the first of many women pilots in today’s Air Force. Then she ended up becoming a flight instructor. After leaving the Air Force, she eventually became a small business owner. Yes, Rogers is indeed a strong woman who feels Parker is the right person to represent our state in Washington. Apparently, Sinema like all the Democrats have forgotten that there are women who are Republicans and independent conservatives.

Rogers also pointed out that she has cat herself (current one named Chica as she’s had several cats throughout her military career ) so no doubt she was excited to hear that a cat came out to predict a Parker win. Rogers mentioned that her cat also prefers that Parker represent her in Congress.

Parker certainly is no slouch when it comes to the issues and of course has a love for animals. He has a dog named Sammy and of course was thrilled by the cats who chose him to win. In fact, Parker gave a thumbs up to Isis who predicted his win. Now, with only 1 day left to vote both Sinema and Parker are taking things into the home stretch and now it’s in the hands of the voters. However, if Isis’s prediction of a Parker win holds true then his constituents will be calling him Congressman. Now get out and vote.

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