Anti-Discrimination Bill Passes In Phoenix But The Fallout Is Just Beginning

Recently, the Phoenix City Council voted 5-3 in favor of an ordinance that makes it illegal for businesses to discriminate against someone because of their gender identity and sexual orientation, especially if the want to use their bathroom facilities. In other words, a human man that identifies themselves as a human woman can freely use that gender’s bathroom. The same goes for a woman that identifies themselves as a man. This piece of legislation was deemed The Bathroom Bill as a result.

While members of the LGBT community in Phoenix cheer the new law being passed, it puts business owners in a very awkward position because there is also another portion of the bill that makes them easy targets to discrimination lawsuits. Yes, if a person is fired from a job and just happens to be gay they could easily claim that was the reason for being let go. The same thing goes for businesses that refuse to serve a customer as well. Overall, this was once again a push by government on our private lives and private industry. Even more disturbing it was the government’s support of the minority over the majority and one group thinking their needs is more important than another’s.

At times, the City Council meeting which happened on February 25th got heated and there was little doubt that those who supported the ordinance had little tolerance for those who opposed it. In fact, at times the supporters of the bill made up largely of members from the LGBT community booed and heckled many who spoke out against the ordinance. Even City Council member Sal DiCiccio was a target when he pressed that the matter be tabled so every citizen and business owner in Phoenix had a chance to read the ordinance and publicly comment as well.

Of course, this didn’t sit well with liberals who insisted that the matter be voted on immediately, and that they waited 20 years for gay, lesbian and transgender individuals to have more freedom in Phoenix. Never mind that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 already stated that you can’t discriminate against someone due to race, color, sex, disability, and national origin. The liberal supporters were clear. They wanted their own special addition to the law. However, none of the supporters were concerned about the bad guys taking advantage of this ordinance by easily dressing up as a woman in order to gain access to the woman’s restroom and possibly harming a child or raping a woman. I’m not saying all transgender people are bad but the laws nowadays can be easily exploited for bad intentions.

There has been early fallout because of the bill passing but it’s light right now. On one side, a few that opposed to the Bathroom Bill are now stating they plan on boycotting Phoenix businesses because it passed. The other side also had a few people stating that they’ll boycott businesses that opposed the bill. On the deeper political front, some people have said that they want to have Mayor Greg Stanton who lead the city’s effort to get the bill passed (and was also backed and supported on the measure by many members of the LGBT community) recalled. One of the biggest problems was the Mayor signing the ONE Community’s Unity pledge. This alone showed his caving to special interest and thus he shouldn’t have been allowed to vote on a bill that would affect so many citizens and businesses. While the supporters claimed it would be good for business, it will in some ways be disastrous. The biggest being the discrimination lawsuits and the money businesses will have to spend to accommodate one group’s needs. Another is the push by big government to create rules backed by special interest.

There were a lot of problems when it came to voting on the new ordinance. At the last minute (24 notice anyway) the meeting was moved from the Phoenix City Council chambers to the Orpheum Theater. Also, holding the meeting at 2:30pm while most people were at work and therefore had no chance to comment on the matter was another bad plan. It makes one question if the vote was rushed on purpose or if the supporters of the bill were afraid to have it go to a public vote? There are a lot of questions but so few answers. However, those that opposed the bill feel their voices weren’t heard and many business owners never even got to review the ordinance

As you can certainly tell, the City Council meeting had a lot of drama with the liberals pulling out all the stops. They played the gay card, the race card, and even the disability card. Those who opposed the bill were painted as a religious nuts and fear mongers by the liberal left. Even lawyers got involved with the show. Business owners that had indeed known about the bill (which was small) also got their two cents worth in, but one stood and said they wanted less government involvement involvement in the private sector and to let businesses decide whether or not they create their own added discrimination rules governing sexual orientation in their establishments.

Another interesting portion to all this was the media. The liberal left and the LGBT community got a lot of news coverage. Their stories saw airtime while the conservatives got very little. Yes, the media wasn’t too friendly to conservatives because many of their comments got buried. Immediately after the vote (and even before the meeting started) the media swarmed around the LGBT community members that showed up. They were picked for interviews and were seen in their most celebratory mood. It truly showed just how far left the media has gotten. No wonder grass roots media outlets like Breaking News Journal have cropped up in the last few years. It’s pretty obvious that when it comes to roadway of news, there are way too many left turn lanes.

The passing of this new ordinance also brought another question to the table. Just how tolerant is the LGBT community? Well if you want the scoop on that, just talk to its conservative members. We did, and also read stories online about how gay and lesbian conservatives were outed by a majority of the LGBT community. They felt like they were not allowed to express their conservative views so therefore don’t see themselves as members of that community. Gay and lesbian conservatives¬† don’t see the need for laws like the one that just passed in Phoenix. Just like many other conservatives they want less government in our lives. They believe in the founding principles of the United States Constitution.¬† There are LGBT conservatives in the Tea Party and other similar groups because they believe they have a voice there.

Yes, LGBT conservatives have it tough but after talking to two lesbian conservatives on the matter they clearly indicated just how much discrimination they faced from the LGBT community by being conservatives. They indicated that the majority of LGBT community is quite liberal and feel that this new push for things like gay marriage and special laws regarding transgender bathrooms and anti-discrimination ordinances aren’t needed.¬† They don’t like pushing their sexual views on people and believe that nobody’s views or position should be seen as more important than another. Pretty much the conservative members of the LGBT community are all about tolerance and unlike the liberal left members, they practice what they preach.

However, the price they pay for standing up for conservative principles is being outed by the LGBT community. Regardless of that, the conservative members of the LGBT community press on and surround themselves with like minded people. They’re happier and therefore much more tolerant of those who stand up to bigger government and bills that are pushed by the liberal left members of the LGBT community which make up the majority. Perhaps the vote on the Bathroom Bill would have been less of an easy victory if many gay and lesbian conservatives had known about it and thus shown up at the meeting in large numbers.

Ultimately, the passage of the so-called Bathroom Bill will have repercussions. While it may seem light now, the fact that one group pushed their agenda on another and got the government to help them is disturbing. The fallout over this and other similar ordinances being rushed and then passed into law will have a bit of a rocky beginning but in the end will create a rift that might not be so easily repaired. Whenever government involves itself in the private lives of its citizens and starts telling business owners how to operate their companies it’s never good.

I wonder how long it will take before the liberal left realizes that its plan to force everyone to conform to their ways not only will have dire consequences but also will result in themselves becoming victims to the very rules they set? A lot of times they never see it before its too late. Right now the liberal left is thinking they have nothing to be concerned about by growing the government and getting them to set the laws they want. However, Thomas Jefferson said it best.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. “

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