Phoenix Business Hosts Save The Economy Day To Get Consumers Across The United States To Buy Local

There’s no question that the economy is in pretty bad shape and that the government doesn’t have a good plan to save it. However, one small business owner in Phoenix says it’s up to consumers to decide whether or not they want the United States economy to turn around and is hosting a Save The Economy Day on March 30th to encourage them to buy local.

Nohl Rosen, who owns Panther TEK a local computer repair company is hoping every consumer across the country as well as small businesses will take part in the event. He believes that by supporting local businesses that we can bring back Main Street USA back to its former glory. Rosen also believes that while it’ll take more than just one day to turn things around that it also could be a good first step for consumers to support local businesses every day.

“Small businesses create most of the jobs, opportunities and services in this country and is the backbone to our economy.  If we want things to turn around economically then we need to support local small business. We can’t look to government to solve our economic crisis. We need to solve the problem ourselves,” Rosen said.

For more information about the event call Panther TEK at 480-980-8541.


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