Cosplayer Brings Unexpected Attention To The Second Amendment

Nohl Rosen (right) dressed as Calico poses with Dr. Lance Hurley (left) dressed as Patrick Henry during a recent Second Amendment rally in Phoenix. Rosen, who¬† created the cat loving superhero says he didn’t expect him to be a face for gun rights.

It looks like one superhero has become an unlikely symbol in the fight to protect the Second Amendment and it’s making waves online and bringing renewed attention to the cause of gun rights and the Constitution. Nohl Rosen, a Phoenix small business owner, radio host and Second Amendment advocate is also a cosplayer (short for costume player) and a superhero that he created called Calico which saves cats from bad humans made an unusual, yet colorful splash at the Stand Your Ground Rally which was held at the Arizona State Capitol recently. The event which was hosted by Riders USA and Gun Rights Across America brought only large group of people to the rally in support of the Second Amendment and to hear speakers talk about the right to bear arms.

However, when Rosen made an appearance at the rally dressed as Calico, he may have gotten a few odd looks but quite possibly has opened the door to gaining more support for the Second Amendment because he injected a little bit of fun into the event. In fact, his appearance as Calico has made the local news and could be the one idea that reaches across the aisle and disarms people’s fear about guns and makes them want to become advocates.

“I like cosplay and of course Calico was originally created to bring focus to the cause of saving cats as there aren’t any superheroes that make it their main focus to help them. Of course, the character also carries guns and uses them to defend himself and the cats. Guns are just tools so it’s ridiculous that they’ve become politicized so much. Of course, I didn’t count on Calico becoming a beacon for the Second Amendment as he isn’t the only superhero or anti-hero to carry a gun,” Rosen said.

Whether intended or unintended, Rosen has made a unique impact and cosplay be the one element needed for the Second Amendment rallies and demonstrations. When you make the events fun, then people will show up. The upcoming Phoenix Comicon is proof that the cosplay culture is growing and gaining in popularity. Even cosplay groups like the Arizona Avengers which dress up as the Marvel Superheroes and attend charity events have gained notoriety because of it. Rosen hopes to do the same with Calico as well to bring attention to causes that he supports as well like getting cats adopted. Currently, he’s working to turn Calico into an animated series and possibly a live action series to air on the upcoming Breaking News Journal Roku Channel. A possibility of a comic book is also in the works as well.

While he may have intended for Calico to be hero that brings positive attention to the no-kill cat rescue movement, the cause of sticking up for the right to bear arms seems unavoidable and Rosen says if you make a Second Amendment event enjoyable and people see that it can be fun that you will gain supporters as demonstrations don’t always have to be about waving the flag and beating the drums. In fact, when you think outside the box your cause, your ideas and creations gain more ground not to mention an audience.
It’s also important to mention that geeks and nerds carry guns too. In fact Rosen himself carries one and knows how to shoot. Rosen owns a computer repair business called Panther TEK which will be hosting an upcoming event called Second Amendment Appreciation Week which will give discounts on its services to gun owners.

To sum it up cosplay is cool and fun and it’s no wonder those that are involved in that community enjoy it so much. It’s like not letting go of the inner child and taking a break from reality that some people scoff at doing because of the fear what others might think. But cosplayers believe that using your imagination is wonderful and really can open up doors to whole new worlds. Growing up many kids pretended to be their favorite superhero and got into mock battles with with our friends. Then when we grow into adults we often lose that part of our life because society then tries to claim that if you don’t dump that inner child then people will think you’re crazy. The truth is we can all use a little craziness and cosplay says it’s alright to be the kid again. Maybe that’s the voice we should listen to. There’s nothing wrong with a little fun right? Right now there has been no invites for Rosen to attend other Second Amendment events dressed as Calico, but who knows, he isn’t closed minded to the idea.

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