Radio Host Says To Giffords & Kelly: “Real Patriots Will Fight For Gun Rights”

While former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly continue to press for gun control in a new spot being aired on different media channels, Phoenix business owner and radio host Nohl Rosen says real patriots will fight for gun rights and the Second Amendment. Rosen who has been an outspoken supporter of the Second Amendment says that Giffords words in a new ad about guns where she states 9 out of 10 Americans favor background checks is wrong.

“Stricter gun laws won’t deter the bad guys from getting guns and they certainly won’t go through background checks. Also, to make a claim that 90% of the people in this country favor increased background checks is nothing more than liberal spin. I doubt very highly every person in this country was polled on their views about background checks, so this one is a very tough sell. The truth is, whenever a state or a municipality has passed strict gun laws, violent crime has gone up. The ones calling for gun control seem to very conveniently overlook that fact,” Rosen said.

Rosen also states the media needs to stop being one sided in its reporting on guns and that it’s time to stop demonizing responsible gun owners. He also says that the gun is also nothing more than a tool and that it’s everyone’s right under the Second Amendment to carry a gun.

“The crowd calling for gun control seem to forget that the Second Amendment is absolute and should never be amended, changed or eliminated. If they don’t like guns then that’s fine, but don’t try to infringe on my right to carry. I will fight to keep my gun and I’d imagine so will other responsible gun owners,” he added.

Rosen owns Panther TEK, a local computer repair company in Phoenix. He’s also a radio host on Cat Galaxy.

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