Local Business Shows Support For Gun Owners By Giving Them A Discount

Panther TEK, a computer repair company located in Phoenix is giving a discount to gun owners this week as a part of their first Second Amendment Appreciation Week.

Well, this week one computer repair company is hosting it’s very first Second Amendment Appreciation Week and giving a discount to gun owners. You’d think a company like Panther TEK would be the one company the local media would be talking about for taking such a bold step as the media likes to do what it can to paint gun owners as being crazies that go on shooting sprees. After all, hasn’t the media been working hard to support the crowd calling for gun control?

Last year, Panther TEK hosted it’s very first Second Amendment Day which was met favorably by gun owners who liked the idea that a company would be brave enough to stick up for the Second Amendment and gun rights. Now, company owner Nohl Rosen wants to expand on the idea by giving an entire week of discounts to gun owners and trying to make the public aware that just like the tools the company uses to solve a customer’s computer problem that the gun is also a tool that can save a life.

While some businesses would shy away from the issue of guns for fear that might lose business, Panther TEK prefers to embrace the fact that the Second Amendment gives every citizen the right to carry a gun. Business owners have a right to protect themselves and any business that prefers to make it known whether it be a sign or publicly that they don’t like guns or even doesn’t wants them on the premises makes themselves a target. If you think the bad guys will check their guns at the door because a sign has a picture of a gun inside a red circle with a slash through it, think again. The bad guys are only going to see that as an opportunity because they know the business has no means of defense and will just simply call 911.

No doubt the media will not give airtime to a company that outright comes out in favor of gun rights or is overwhelmingly supportive of the Second Amendment unless of course a bunch of people decide to protest the business due its stance on a person’s right to carry. So far, the company has had nobody saying they’d stop getting service from Panther TEK because they took a stand that was not for more gun laws and control. Of course, if the company was for gun control then of course the media would be giving it airtime so more people knew about it. Businesses that are liberal stand to benefit from attention since most of the old mainstream media leans left as well. But companies like Panther TEK don’t play that way and they prefer to be armed with a gun to protect the business than allow the bad guys to make them another statistic.

Right now, things have gotten more violent out there and businesses are now even bigger targets because the bad guys are going after not only money but property as well. Computer repair companies are also at great risk because of the amount of data that is placed in their hands. Thieves will also steal new computer equipment or the hard drives from old equipment. It’s also another reason why the company prefers to arm itself (and now know longer uses magnetic signs on its vehicle to identify they repair computer) because identity theft is on the rise and of course computer companies become prime targets.

Right now, Panther TEK is receiving positive feedback from gun owners about its Second Amendment Appreciation Week. Hopefully, other companies will take part in the event. It’s out of the box thinking after all. Second Amendment Appreciation Week runs through February 8th. Responsible gun owners in the Phoenix area will receive a discount on the company’s computer repair, troubleshooting and installation services by showing that the gun was legally purchased or by showing a current CCW permit. If you want more information call Panther TEK at 480-980-8541.

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