Wash Area Where Neo-Nazi Graffiti Appeared On Side Wall Gets Much Needed Cleanup

An wash inside a north Phoenix apartment complex where neo-Nazi graffiti was discovered has now been cleaned up after news reports about the incident aired.

What a difference after a visit from the news media and the Phoenix Police Department can make in getting an area cleaned up. Last week CBS 5 and ABC15 both aired a story about the neo-Nazi and hate filled graffiti that was spray painted on the side wall of a wash inside a north Phoenix apartment complex called Saratoga Ridge. It was an awful sight to see swastikas painted on a wall with such words like “Hitler is back” and “white power” but but after the local news media reported about the incident (and in one case a reporter and her camera guy were kicked off the property when they tried to talk to management about it) and a visit from Phoenix PD, the despicable display was finally painted over.

But it didn’t stop there. Today, a landscaper was seen clearing and cutting down brush in the wash which was long overdue. The area now looks a bit cleaner and the brush that grew wild for years is now pretty much gone. Of course, a few bushes and a tree that also got out of control have been cut down. Overall, it is a positive first step. So far, the person or people that spray painted that wall have yet to be known but the investigation is ongoing.


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