Gun Owner Stands Up For Kroger Against Bloomberg Backed Moms Demand Action

Once again, the gun grabbing group backed by Michael Bloomberg called Moms Demand Action is trying to equate responsible gun owners to being nothing more than criminals and thieves. After a bank robbery at Fifth Third Bank inside a Kroger store in Cincinnati, the group is now using it as another example to bully the grocery giant into becoming a gun free zone. MDA’s claim is that the robbery could’ve been prevented if Kroger stops allowing guns into their stores. Yes, the liberally minded gun grabbing group is actually making the claim that Kroger not allowing guns into their stores would be the answer to actually making things safer as if the criminals would read a sign that says “no guns allowed.” Meanwhile, Kroger has insisted that they will not ask those customers responsibly carrying a gun in their stores to leave or disarm and says they will abide by what the state laws dictate on the matter

Currently, the group is resorting to a very dirty ad campaign to get Kroger to change its mind to becoming gun free. The worst thing is, the media keeps giving these people airtime while the other side of the issue is completely ignored. Nohl Rosen a gun owner in Phoenix has launched a counter protest against MDA to stick up for Kroger and show support for the Second Amendment. His suggestion, shop at Kroger and carry your holstered pistol at your side. Rosen who is a radio host at Cat Galaxy and producer at Breaking News Journal says he thinks it’s time for those that support the United States Constitution to take a stand instead of being apathetic.

“The reason why gun control groups like Moms Demand Action get so much public attention is because they’re the only ones talking. Those who support the Second Amendment and gun rights should make their voices heard loud and clear. You won’t get anywhere if you remain on the defensive all the time. MDA is bullying Kroger like they do a lot of businesses to get them to become gun free zones. Kroger has told them they are going to follow state law but that isn’t sitting well with MDA. We as gun owners need to let Kroger know that we have their back and will support them,” Rosen said.

So far, the old and crusty mainstream media is ignoring Rosen’s call to arms and is carrying MDA’s words to the masses. Rosen says this isn’t surprising since MDA is backed by Bloomberg and that all he (Rosen) has is a passion for sticking up for the Constitution as well supporting the right of business owners to decide for themselves what policies they set for company. While MDA is continuing to get media attention on the matter, Rosen is getting a little support from gun owners that are helping to spread the word about his protest.

“It’s good to see a few gun owners out there willing to support this effort. It’s tough to fight a group backed by a billionaire but I’m going to try. The Constitution is priceless and I plan to keep fighting for it. I’m not afraid to fight for what I think is right and certainly won’t disarm either,” Rosen added.

Rosen will be producing a show about guns for BNJ’s TV channel which is set to air in 2015.





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