Protest Against Bloomberg Backed Gun Control Group Gaining Strength

A counter protest started by a Phoenix gun owner against the Michael Bloomberg backed gun control group. Moms Demand Action is slowly gaining strength despite the lack of news media attention about it.

While the mainstream news media continues to give attention to Moms Demand Action in their effort to press grocery giant Kroger into turning their stores into gun free zones, a counter protest against the gun grabbing group launched by a Phoenix gun owner and radio host has gone virtually unnoticed by reporters but is slowly gaining a following amongst gun owners.

Nohl Rosen who launched the protest after seeing MDA’s attacks on the grocery giant said he couldn’t sit there and allow a business to beaten down because it chooses to follow state laws instead of the laws MDA wishes to force Kroger to follow. The gun control group backed by Michael Bloomberg has launched a vicious ad campaign against the company including equating responsible gun owners to the criminals.

“Pretty much what MDA is resorting to is bullying tactics to get Kroger to change their position. The business has stated they plan to follow state law regarding guns in their stores.  I for one carry a gun and shop at Fry’s which is owned by Kroger. I want the ownership at Kroger to know that I support them and thank them for respecting the rights of gun owners,” Rosen said.

Rosen says he carries a gun for self protection and also to protect his home, his family and his business. He is however frustrated by the lack of media attention regarding the protest and wonders why it’s being ignored by all of the news outlets.

“You’d think the news media would want to get the other side of the story right? It doesn’t seem that way. It seems that whenever the issue of guns pops up, the media only gets one side of the issue and that’s from those calling for gun control. Did they ever stop to think there is a side that supports the Second Amendment and a person’s right to carry?” Rosen asks.

Despite the lack of media attention, Rosen says he’s heard from other gun owners that support the protest and say they’ll continue to shop at stores by Kroger and not disarm. Rosen says it isn’t just about the Second Amendment for him but also about businesses and their ownership establishing their own policies for their stores.

“If MDA doesn’t like the fact that Kroger chooses to follow state law and not ask those customers legally carrying a gun while shopping in their stores to disarm that’s fine, go shop someplace else if it bothers you that much. Stop trying to force or bully a business into changing their policy which will infringe on the rights of other customers. Also, how does turning a business into a gun free zone actually stop criminals exactly? When a business puts up the no guns sign it becomes a target for the criminals which doesn’t make it very safe for the customers that patron it or for the establishment itself,” Rosen added.

Rosen owns Panther TEK, a Phoenix computer repair business and is also a broadcaster and producer with Cat Galaxy and Breaking News Journal.


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