Kroger Receives Support From Gun Owners Despite Attacks From Bloomberg Backed Anti-gun Group

Kroger is under attack by the Michael Bloomberg backed gun group Moms Demand Action which wants them to turn all of their stores into gun free zones. Meanwhile, a counter protest in support of Kroger started by a Phoenix gun owner is growing.

This week Kroger investors may get some unwelcome visitors protesting outside the company’s headquarters in Cincinnati demanding that the grocery giant turn all of their stores into gun free zones. The Michael Bloomberg backed group Moms Demand Action has stated they will be holding a demonstration in front of the building on Wednesday in order to get Kroger to disarm law abiding customers that responsibly carry into their stores. So far the group has resorted to vicious attack ads and even putting up a billboard in Cincinnati to pressure Kroger into becoming a gun free. Meanwhile, Nohl Rosen, a radio host and Second Amendment advocate from Phoenix has organized a counter protest in support of Kroger, which despite the lack of news media attention is gaining support amongst gun owners nationwide.

“It’s pretty clear that Moms Demand Action is resorting to bullying tactics against Kroger to get them to become a gun free zone. Kroger has decided to follow state laws where they operate stores and they shouldn’t be penalized for that. If MDA doesn’t like a store’s policy then they should someplace else. A person has the right to carry a gun because the Second Amendment gives them that right. A business owner also has the right to operate their business how they see fit. I hope Kroger will see that some of those who responsibly carry a firearm like myself support them,” Rosen said.

Rosen hopes that gun owners will answer the call to action and also be out in front of Kroger’s headquarter’s in Ohio to stand against those calling for the company to start disarming customers that carry a gun. For those that are unable to be at the protest on Wednesday he suggests to keep spending money at Kroger and to carry your firearm while doing so. His counter protest against Moms Demand Action suggests open carrying or conceal carrying a holstered pistol according to state law.

“Let’s show Kroger that we gun owners have just as much spending power if not more than they (the gun control crowd) have. You can expect on Wednesday here in Arizona that I’ll be legally carrying my gun and shopping at Fry’s,” Rosen added. Fry’s is owned by Kroger.

So far, Kroger has continued to refuse demands to have customers disarm before coming into their stores to shop. The grocery retailer has said they will not ask customers who legally carry a firearm into their stores to do that, and says they will continue to follow the state laws where they operate stores.

Rosen has put out a video which mentions what his protest is all about at Besides being a radio host at Cat Galaxy and a producer with Breaking News Journal, he also owns Panther TEK, a computer repair business which is located in Phoenix.

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