Kroger Continues To Stand Their Ground Against Moms Demand Action

Kroger is continuing to say NO to the Moms Demand Action, a Bloomberg backed gun control group which wants the grocery retailer to ban guns in all their stores.

Despite launching a vicious ad campaign against Kroger to try and force the grocery giant to turn their stores into gun free zones by the Michael Bloomberg backed anti-gun group Moms Demand Action, the company is continuing to tell them they will not ask law abiding customers that carry a gun to disarm before entering their stores.

“Kroger’s policy has been and continues to be to follow state and local laws and to ask customers to be respectful of others while shopping in our stores. “We believe the controversial gun issue is best resolved by lawmakers, not retailers,” said Keith Dailey, a spokesman for the company.

Meanwhile, Moms Demand Action has continued their assault on the company. This time they publicly claim that a majority of Kroger’s customers want to ban open carry into their stores. Of course, the poll taken by the Beneson Strategy Group only says they called 800 people between October 14th – 17th. That is hardly the majority of Kroger’s customer base. And we should note that amongst Beneson’s customers is MSNBC and the Obama campaign. The poll was funded by the Everytown for Gun Safety fund, which is also backed by Bloomberg.

Despite the gun grabbing group’s pressure on Kroger to ban firearms in their stores, Nohl Rosen a radio host and business owner from Phoenix has launched a counter protest against MDA and is standing up for Kroger.

“Kroger has every right to decide their own policy in their stores. I want them to know that there are customers like myself that carry a gun that support their position. I have never had a problem open carrying at Fry’s and am always respectful to those around me,” Rosen said.

Rosen is a broadcaster with Cat Galaxy. He’s also a producer with Breaking News Journal as well.

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