The Fight To Protect The Second Amendment Will Continue Despite GOP Control Of Congress

The mid term election wins by the GOP was a slight win for our Constitution, especially for the Second Amendment. But while gun control supporters lost in Washington DC, a state by state fight is underway to try and grab our guns.

The mid-term election was indeed a good day for the nation and of course a bad day for Barack Obama. But he probably isn’t the only one frowning right now, Michael Bloomberg and those that support gun control probably aren’t too thrilled with the outcome either as Congress is now controlled by the Republicans. No doubt, the Bloomberg backed Moms Demand Action certainly have been a bit quiet after the election since the gun control crowd just found that their attempt to infringe on our Second Amendment rights just got much tougher.

Nohl Rosen, a Phoenix resident who is leading a fight against gun control and launched a protest against MDA which has attempted to bully Kroger into turning their stores into gun free zones says while the GOP winning control of Congress is positive, that we must never give up the fight to protect our Second Amendment rights.

“The fact that the Republicans have won control of Congress is nice, but it could also turn into a state by state fight now. Voters in Washington state voted in favor of a new gun control law and MDA continues to attack businesses like Kroger to try and force them into turning their stores into becoming gun free zones. The fight to protect our Second Amendment rights isn’t over so we need to keep at it. I certainly won’t be giving up,” Rosen said.

And MDA is still on the attack against Kroger. This time they’re using a Canadian company called Grey Canada to try and come up with new ad spots to try and shame Kroger into turning their stores into gun free zones. I guess there’s not a lot of common sense with the mad moms because why would you hire a Canadian company to do ads that would only be broadcast in the United States? Another problem with MDA is they put out a public poll suggesting a majority of Kroger customers were against allowing open carry of firearms in their stores. The polling company Beneson Strategy group noted that only 800 people were polled which hardly even accounts for Kroger’s majority customer base. The company has millions of customers in the United States so to try and pass off 800 people as being a majority was pretty much false advertising.

And MDA as a whole isn’t the only one trying to fool the public. Their leader Shannon Watts calls herself an accidental activist (which isn’t accurate. You’re either an activist or your not) and claimed that she was a stay at home mom. Last year, a posting on the web site Gun Free Zone broke down her history while Watts continues to tell the world that she was a sudden activist after Sandy Hook. Despite more of the truth coming out, the liberally run media continues to play Watts and MDA up and some have even written what appears to be propaganda pieces to make them look good. Conservative media however on the side of gun rights have challenged MDA and Watts including bringing up the fact that they’re showing up at protests with armed security. That’s hypocritical considering that she and her group are advocating for gun control and wanting to disarm the citizens of this country. So, is it they’re allowed to have guns while those that responsibly carry a firearm aren’t? That seems like that’s what Watts and her group are saying and it sure is something that favors the criminals not to mention the terrorists. It would be interesting to hear how MDA and the other gun grabbers would deal with ISIS? Yes, evidence has been found that they are here due to our open border with Mexico.

So how would MDA deal with terrorists? They like other criminals wouldn’t care much about a no guns allowed sign. And unless there armed citizens to stop them, you can bet that they’ll do a lot of damage. If the gun control crowd were smart they’d come to realize that their push for gun control is not only showing that they’re pro crime but pro terrorism as well. Armed citizens willing to stand up and defend this land as well as the United States Constitution are the best deterrent against the bad guys. Remember that little thing (well it wasn’t little but you get the tongue and cheek behind it) called the Revolutionary War? I guess we wouldn’t have a United States if the colonists hadn’t taken up arms to fight for their freedom when they fought the King of England and his forces. I guess the gun control crowd forgot that the colonists were average citizens which formed the militias which fought the Red Coats. And yes, they used guns to help gain our country’s independence. Yes, the gun grabbers do forget history don’t they? The Constitution wasn’t drafted just on a whim. It was put together so that the people of this country had a foundation and without the Second Amendment we wouldn’t be able to protect it or the rules in the Constitution.

Overall, the mid term elections will only be good for the Constitution if people continue to defend it and hold those they elected accountable in Washington. When it comes to the Second Amendment, we the people can’t rely on the National Rifle Association to do it. Those who believe in a person’s right to carry and vote consistently must do it. This means not giving up and thinking we should be comfortable now that the elections are over. The gun control crowd may have lost a little ground now that the GOP is going to control Congress but they’re very likely to fight state by state to make sure many gun control laws are passed. It’s happened in places like New York, Illinois, Michigan, California, and other states. And each time a gun control law is passed or a gun free zone is established violent crime has gone up. Gun control has proven that it doesn’t work. The only thing it has done is create more victims of crime. Of course, how long will it take before those calling for gun control wake up to that reality? I think that’s the big question here. They better wake up before it’s too late.



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