Second Amendment Advocate Challenges Leader Of Moms Demand Action To A Live Debate About Guns

A Phoenix gun owner and Second Amendment advocate has challenged the leader of the Bloomberg backed gun control group Moms Demand Action to a live public debate on firearms. However, the challenge has been met with silence. 

It had to happen sooner or later. Nohl Rosen, a Phoenix gun owner and radio host has  challenged Shannon Watts the leader of the Michael Bloomberg backed gun control group Moms Demand Action to a live debate about guns. Rosen issued the challenge via social media but has thus far not received any response.

“Yes, the challenge has been made and it has been met with silence. I guess that’s not a surprise. Ms. Watts seems to think that her ideas and that of her group Moms Demand Action that gun control and gun free zones are a solution that will stop criminals. The truth is it only creates victims because the criminals feel more emboldened knowing that they’ll be a lot safer because they’d be the only ones that are carrying a gun. Also, the bad guys don’t go through background checks so I doubt they’ll pay attention to a sign. The best defense against the criminals is an armed citizen with a firearm. If she (Watts) takes me up on the offer to debate she will get a fair chance to present her side but don’t expect me to agree with it, ” Rosen said.

Rosen, who is a Second Amendment advocate has been leading a protest against MDA for trying to pressure the grocery giant Kroger into turning their stores into gun free zones. Kroger has chosen to follow the state laws in the states where they own and operate stores. As for the debate itself, Breaking News Journal has offered to livestream the debate if Watts accepts.

Besides being a radio host on Cat Galaxy, he’s also a small business owner. Rosen owns Panther TEK, a Phoenix computer repair company.

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