Radio Host Sends Strong Message To Leader Of Moms Demand Action: “Put Up Or Shut Up!”

Once again, Phoenix gun owner and radio host Nohl Rosen has issued a challenge to Shannon Watts the leader of the Michael Bloomberg backed gun control group to a debate about guns although this time he’s been even more direct since the previous invite has been so far ignored. Watts has been interviewed by a lot of the media over her stance on guns and many gun owners feel she has used bullying tactics to get people and businesses to adopt a no guns policy. Recently, she marks getting Jay Leno to back out of Shot Show in Las Vegas and helping I-594 a gun control measure get passed in Washington state as her recent big accomplishments.

She and her MDA group are also trying to force Kroger into turning their stores into gun free zones despite the grocery chain stating they wish to follow state gun laws where they operate stores. Rosen has been leading a fight against MDA on that issue and feels that Watts not debating him on the issue of guns speaks volumes.

“She appears to act really tough when the media and her supporters are around, but when those like myself that stand up for the Second Amendment and challenge her on the issue of guns she runs away or simply ignores you. Apparently, she doesn’t like hearing the true facts about guns and instead wants to keep putting out her propaganda. If Ms. Watts really believes stricter gun laws will prevent crime then I have to wonder why she’s not willing to debate on the issue. Is she afraid of hearing the real truth? ” Rosen said.

Watts has been challenged on her positions on guns before. Dana Loesch from The Blaze, Open Carry Texas and other gun rights supporters issued invites to debate and Watts has ignored them or run away. However, as Rosen points out Watts makes herself available when news media friendly to her cause are around and also takes advantage of tragedies like the recent shooting at Florida State University shooting to push her anti-gun agenda. Rosen feels that it was a bit insensitive to inject her views about gun control right away using the FSU incident to grab headlines and that she could’ve waited a few days before offering her views.

“I find what she did by going on the news the next day after the shooting at FSU to press for gun control to be a bit disturbing. Of course, those that advocate for gun free zones never like to take credit for that failed idea when a shooting happens. The fact is an armed citizen that is responsibly and legally carrying a firearm can stop a bad guy that has one. Gun free zones don’t work because the bad guys see those as targets and the only thing they create is victims,” Rosen added.

Rosen also says that if Watts isn’t comfortable debating him on the issue of guns that he suggests she go to Bloomberg and ask him to accept the challenge instead. Rosen has posted his latest debate challenge video Vimeo

Rosen is a radio host with Cat Galaxy in Phoenix and also a producer with Breaking News Journal as well.

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