Pro Law Enforcement Rally In Phoenix Inspires Others: More Demonstrations To Come

On December 13th, supporters of law enforcement gathered outside Phoenix Police Headquarters in an effort to show that there are those in the community that appreciate their work to help their community safe. The rally called Support Our Men & Women In Blue has also sparked a nationwide effort to show support for law enforcement in other cities. It also has given birth to a movement called Rally For L.E. (or Rally For Law Enforcement) which is being led by Phoenix business owner Nohl Rosen who organized the recent rally in support of the police in Phoenix and across the nation.

“The response has been pretty incredible and we will be holding more demonstrations. Our rally here in Phoenix did indeed get some attention and I’ve heard from someone in Houston that saw our event on the news and said they were inspired to do a rally there to show their appreciation for law enforcement there. Hopefully, those that come out in favor of the police will far outnumber those that have protested against them. I don’t get the reason for all this hate against law enforcement because these people lay their lives on the line everyday to help keep our communities safe. They deserve our respect, support, our appreciation, and most of all our thanks,” said Rosen.

Rosen says the next rally he’s planning will be held on January 17th, 2015 in front of Scottsdale Police HQ. He’s also started a Facebook page for Rally For L.E. at

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