ASUPD Officer Stewart Ferrin To Attend Pro Law Enforcement Rally In Scottsdale

Once again, citizens will rally in Arizona to support the police but this time the Scottsdale Police Department will be the recipient of a big thank you from the community for their service. The event known as the Support The Men & Women In Blue Rally intends on showing appreciation to not just Scottsdale police officers but law enforcement all across the country. Phoenix resident Nohl Rosen who started a pro law enforcement movement called Rally For L.E. says it’s important to recognize the important job the members of law enforcement have and to let them know we care about them.

“The members of law enforcement literally lay their lives on the line to keep our community safe. They have answered that special call to serve, the least we can all do is show that we appreciate that sacrifice. Hopefully, we can give its members the biggest thank you that we possibly can,” Rosen said.

The rally will be held in front of Scottsdale Police Headquarters which is located at 8401 E. Indian School Road and run from 10am – 12pm. The Mayor of Scottsdale, the City Council and Scottsdale PD’s police chief have been invited to the event. Also invited and now expected to be in attendance (and it has been confirmed) is Officer Stewart Ferrin, the ASU Police Department officer who is now in the process of being fired for doing his job. Ferrin arrested ASU assistant professor Ersula Ore who first refused to show identification when asked after being caught jaywalking and then resisted arrest and attacked Ferrin when he was trying to place her in custody.

The evidence supported Ferrin’s position regarding the arrest and Ore did admit to the violations in a plea deal and thus received 9 months probation. ASU and the Maricopa County Attorney’s office also supported the officer’s position as well. However, Ore has now claimed she was falsely arrested and that her civil rights were violated. She has filed a $2 million lawsuit against the University and Ferrin. Now in a strange twist ASU is firing Ferrin for doing his duty and choosing to side with the professor. However, ASU may end up suffering a backlash as supporters have come out in waves to support Ferrin. You can expect he’ll see some of them at the rally in Scottsdale. Also attending will be Ferrin’s family and some of his supporters as well.

You can find out more about Rally For L.E. on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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