Glendale Police Department Gives Touching Thanks To Pro-Police Supporters

Glendale Police Chief Black and Assistant Chief Lively came out to thank a small group of pro-police demonstrators on Saturday for supporting law enforcement.

Over the weekend a pro-police rally was held in Glendale, Arizona outside the City Court building. While there were only a handful of attendees, Glendale Police Chief Debora Black and Assistant Chief Matt Lively still made it a point to step out from police headquarters to thank them for the support. Chief Black as well as Assistant Chief Lively also posed for pictures with the group as well. But that wasn’t the only thing that the pro-law enforcement demonstrators received, Glendale Police Officers that were on duty also drove by the supporters flashing their lights and squeaked their sirens to say thank you to them as well.

“It was truly a great moment and shows just how much the Glendale Police Department is engaged with the citizens. Our group size may have been small, but it was really touching that they took time out of their busy day to come out and say hello and to thank us. We didn’t expect that at all. We were there to show support for them and they turned it around a little to show their appreciation for us being there. What they did made our day,” said Nohl Rosen who organized the rally.

After the rally was over, Chief Black tweeted a thank you to the supporters as a well which went slightly viral.

The rally called Back The Badge was hosted by Rally For L.E. which is a pro-law enforcement movement that got started in Phoenix but has spread nationwide. Their next rally is scheduled this Saturday (March 14th) in front of City Hall in Tempe, AZ. The rally is set to begin at 10am. For more about the group visit them on Facebook at  or on Twitter at

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