Medical Co-Op Answers Call For Affordable Healthcare Coverage

A medical co-op called 100% Healthcare Now hopes to be the answer to bringing affordable healthcare coverage to every American citizen that needs it.

Ever since the Affordable Care Act was passed into law it has proven nothing but a nightmare for this country. First came Obama’s promise that it would make healthcare affordable in this country. Then came his pitch that if you wanted to keep your current healthcare package you could do so. Of course let’s not forget that if you wanted to keep going to the doctor you like then that too was ok. Well, 5 years later after Obama signed it into law the Affordable Care Act as we all learned it was just words and pushed healthcare costs up, not down. It also helped close hospitals, doctors officers and it even gave employers headaches because they had to cut back worker’s hours or even lay them off just to afford the train wreck called Obamacare.

However, for those thinking that affordable healthcare doesn’t exist then you need to give serious thought to a medical co-op that went online last week called 100% Healthcare Now which is aiming to be the answer to affordable healthcare coverage in this country. Not many people ever thought about joining a medical co-op for their healthcare needs but they do exist and the plan is simple, it’s neighbor helping neighbor. Members of a co-op pool their money into a medical savings account which takes care of the healthcare needs of all those that pay into it. And that’s how healthcare coverage started in this country. In fact, that’s how insurance companies got started in this country, they evolved from co-ops.

But of course with the creation of insurance companies came premiums and of course deductibles. This won’t happen with 100% Healthcare Now which was started by former independent candidate for President Ruth Bryant White back in 2006 (it was actually known as the Alexander McGee Medical Co-Op foundation back then) and since then has been on a mission to bring affordable healthcare to the masses. And it’s indeed affordable. For example a single adult membership into the co-op is about $25 per month or $300 per year. That’s the lowest cost for any healthcare plan in the country and it also beats out the membership price of all the other medical co-ops in the country. The main focus is to get people the medical help they need without too much red tape. From the plans listed so far they get rid of deductibles and eliminate co-pays. The healthcare plans under 100% Healthcare Now can also be used as a supplemental coverage so if you get healthcare through your job, you can still keep that plan and get this one to eliminate co-pays.

But of course, one unique thing about this medical co-op that sets it apart from others is the fact that 100% Healthcare Now also has a plan for animals as well. Yes, there are medical insurance plans through certain veterinarians but there has never been a medical co-op for animals. The plan for animals costs about $8 per month per animal and it covers cats, dogs, birds and other small exotic animals. There isn’t a plan for large animals like horses and cows yet but that could change at some point in the future.

100% Healthcare Now is hoping to put people back in charge of their healthcare decisions.  We lost a lot of them under the ACA. Money and jobs have also been lost. Of course this co-op is hoping to give back to those that join it when its members need financial help. If a member of 100% Healthcare Now has no doctor or hospital visits for an entire year (in other words they remain healthy) then co-op will give them a dividend check at the end of the year. They also plan to start a fund at some point in the future to help their members get through a rough financial time in their lives like if they need money for mortgage, rent or other emergency. Right now this co-op is generating a buzz amongst a few employers hoping to get the plan for their employees. It’s also got some notable people talking like Lloyd Marcus who is known for being a part of the Tea Party Express and is Chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee. Also, Cat Galaxy’s manager Icarus signed on to the 100% Healthcare Now medical co-op for animals. Take that Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub.

This upcoming election year healthcare is expected to be a hot topic amongst the candidates but will any of them even talk about medical co-ops? Will even the media catch on to the idea that they even exist? One thing’s for sure, 100% Healthcare Now will be a game changer. It won’t just make healthcare affordable, it’ll create jobs, put people back in charge of their own healthcare plan, boost the economy, and it could also save each state in this country millions of dollars by offering 100% Healthcare Now to those on Medicaid. Many are on Medicaid because they can’t afford the high cost of healthcare and there weren’t any viable options. Now they have one and it’s a game changer because not only does it put affordable healthcare coverage in the hands of every single American citizen but also puts the choice of which medical care they need. It also helps alleviate the stress caused on the Medicaid system because so many people are on it. After all, it was meant to be a temporary solution to those needing healthcare and not a permanent medical plan.

Overall, 100% Healthcare Now has a chance of saving this country in a lot of ways and offers everyone the chance to get away from the Obamacare nightmare and put the power of healthcare coverage back into the hands of people. The question is, will people be bold enough to take that first step or do they want to keep paying high premiums for health insurance?

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