National Pro-Police Rally To Happen On September 26th

Once again, the pro-law enforcement movement Rally For L.E. will be hosting another national rally in support of the police. It will happen on September 26th.

There have been plenty of attacks on police officers both verbally and physically so far during 2015 but once again the pro-law enforcement movement Rally For L.E. intends to make a nationwide effort to support police officers during its Link In The Chain Rally and already cities and towns across the United States are signing up. Rally For L.E. leader Nohl Rosen hopes many will join the effort to show that this nation backs its men and women in blue.

“We want to show the nation that there are good people that support the cops. Right now all the public sees in the news media are the protests against law enforcement which is pretty frustrating. It’s time the nation sees that there is another side to this fight and that good people are out there in support of the police,” said Rosen.

While the Rally For L.E. has only existed for a short time (since December 2014) it has already had quite a number of rallies in support of the police, and Rosen says besides the one in September, the public can expect more pro-law enforcement events to happen.

For more about the Link In The Chain rally visit the page for the event at:

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