Ward Has A Great Chance In Beating McCain In The Battle Of The Senators

It could be the battle of the Senators as Arizona Senator Kelli Ward has announced that she will run against United States Senator John McCain for the Republican nomination in the U.S. Senate race.

Well, it’s official, Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward has officially announced that she’s running against incumbent United States Senator John McCain but could this finally be his final moment in Congress? It’s possible since many people have grown tired of McCain and are hoping to replace him. McCain has made a career out of Congress and has been in it way too long and after 33 years in Washington people are now getting tired of him. Over the last 6 years, McCain has adopted every position that Obama and his minions support. The fact that McCain has pretty much aided Obama on his quest to destroy this country could prove favorable to Ward in winning in the battle of senators.

Two of the biggest topics in the campaign will more than likely be illegal immigration and healthcare. Ward has the biggest chance to McCain on those issues because they’ve become of great importance to people. According to Ward’s web site she is against amnesty and for putting up the border fence which McCain talked a lot about and like the rest of Congress didn’t do anything about. He certainly didn’t get tough on Obama when good old Barry decided to grant amnesty to DREAMers through Executive Action and give many other illegals an instant path to citizenship. McCain for years has believed in granting amnesty and if Ward attacks him on it then she stands a good chance of winning.

Healthcare will be another battleground that Ward can win on. Let’s face it, McCain supports Obamacare and as a doctor Ward knows first hand what it has done to the medical profession. Yes, some doctors have had to close their doors because of it and some rural hospitals as well. Why? Because doctors that were forced to treat patients Obamacare aren’t really making any money. Instead of a patient paying full value for a doctor’s services, Obamacare only pays pennies on the dollar.  No, Obamacare wasn’t affordable, people couldn’t keep their healthcare plan, and they weren’t allowed to go to the doctors they wanted to go to for their healthcare. Yes, high premiums and the cost of Obamacare are two things Ward can go after McCain on but when it comes to the issue of repealing Obamacare she needs to offer an alternative instead of just being like every other GOP candidate that wants to get rid of it and then has nothing to replace it with.

Luckily, there is an alternative to Obamacare’s healthcare nightmare and it’s a medical co-op called 100% Healthcare Now which is mainly focused on putting affordable healthcare back into the hands of the people. Medical co-ops were the way healthcare was handled in this country before insurance companies and the government got involved in the industry. None of the GOP or independent candidates out there running for office have been smart enough to look into 100% Healthcare Now or come up with their own viable replacement for Obamacare. If Ward uses this medical co-op as an example to point out that affordable healthcare does exist and incorporates that into her campaign strategy then she may end up beating McCain on that issue alone. In fact she’d be the only GOP candidate in any race to mention 100% Healthcare Now which would make her a unique choice and a bold one.

100% Healthcare Now right now is the only game in town and the best chance to putting Obamacare out of business and whichever candidate boldly embraces it they’ll have a real strong weapon when the topic gets to healthcare. Ward has a chance to make a difference on that issue and be seen as a standout instead of just being one of the crowd which many GOP candidates end up becoming. Voters would call them RINOs. Not too many voters are familiar with Senator Ward but if she goes in strong on healthcare with the option in hand then it could be big.

Jobs and the economy are also going to be an issue discussed in the Ward vs McCain fight. McCain hasn’t done much in the way of job creation. And if Ward makes it a point to support small businesses and gets fierce in stating that government needs to stay out of the lives of small business owners and stop taxing them into oblivion then she’ll been seen as being supportive of Main Street USA which McCain isn’t into all that much. Small businesses have suffered greatly under Obama. Many local businesses have had to close their doors because of his mandates and Obamacare is just one of the culprits in the destruction of small businesses in this country. Ward has a real chance to be a standout. On education, Ward has a chance of winning if she’s against Common Core but it’s likely education isn’t the focal point of either of the candidates’ campaigns.

McCain does have a couple of things going for him over Ward and that’s money. He’s known for raising big amounts. According to McCain he”ll have close to $6 million in donations and Ward doesn’t yet have that kind of money. Elections are known as a money game so it’s possible this works against Ward who might have to fight using grassroots efforts in order to raise the money. She needs to show she’s one of the people instead of showing that she’s just a state senator that not too many people have heard of until now. There are plenty of people who haven’t heard of Ward but her challenging McCain is giving the people a choice. A lot of the people want him out and some have stated that they’ll vote for anyone but McCain. That may be another thing Ward has over him and if she campaigns hard she could win over independents which is what the candidates have to do on both sides in order to win the election.

It’s too early to tell who will win but if Ward gets fierce goes after McCain on his voting record and policies as well as his support of Obama then we might see her winning but it’s a long time until the 2016 primary so anything can happen. But until it comes around, Ward will have a slight uphill battle since McCain has the money in his corner and would be considered the Goliath in the race with Ward being David. However it took only one slingshot hit to bring down the giant. Yes, if no others enter the race and Ward wins then the rest of Congress won’t have to ask if there’s a doctor in the house, they’ll just look for her. The best part, at least it won’t be McCain.

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