Leader Of Pro-Police Movement Says It’s Time To Stand Up To The Racist Black Lives Matter Gang

Nohl Rosen, the leader of the pro-police movement Rally For L.E. is once again speaking out in support of the police and is letting the anti-cop crowd know that they’re on notice and they can expect to see a lot more Thin Blue Line flags flying across the country as well as people wearing the color blue.

The leader of a nationwide pro-police movement is once again calling the anti-cop crowd and the news media out on its bad behavior towards police officers and has vowed to stand with the Thin Blue Line.

“We need to start calling the Black Lives Matter movement what it really is, a gang of bullies and black supremacists. It was a born from a lie and the news media needs to stop giving them so much airtime. Of course it’s very clear the so-called mainstream media has launched a propaganda war against the police so I don’t expect that will happen or that they’ll even mention a pro-police movement even exists because it doesn’t fit the narrative with them. I want the police officers in this country to know that there are people that support them and appreciate their service to the community,” said Rally For L.E. leader Nohl Rosen.

Rosen has been very vocal recently when it has come to anti-cop protests especially when protesters are calling for the killing of cops.

“I find it despicable people would support that position which shows just how bad our country has gotten. The worst part is we have a news media that’s trying to make it seem like the criminals are either sweet and innocent victims or heroes. Thugs and bullies aren’t heroes. The real heroes are the ones that put on that uniform and badge everyday to serve their community. They also literally lay their lives on the line to keep the community safe and that sacrifice should never be forgotten,” Rosen added.

He also added that the anti-cop protesters will be seeing a lot more Thin Blue Line flags flying in this country and to expect to see more people wearing blue in support of the police. For more about Rally For L.E. visit their web site at www.rallyforle.com.

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