Police Supporter Puts Out Strong Message Against The Black Lives Matter Movement

In his latest video, the leader of the pro-police movement Rally For L.E. shows how he feels about the Black Lives Matter movement which he calls a bunch of racist bullies.

pro-police movement Rally For L.E. is getting more fierce when it comes to speaking out against the Black Lives Matter movement and other anti-police groups. In a new video posted online, he showed exactly how he felt about BLM and others that support them.

“People need to start standing up to these groups like Black Lives Matter and those that support them.  They’re nothing but a bunch of racist bullies which built their entire movement on a lie and elevate criminals to some kind of hero status. It’s time to stand up to them and side with the police which are the true heroes,” said Rally For L.E.s leader Nohl Rosen.

His stand has already generated a reaction from BLM members and from police supporters. And one picture showing Rosen lighting a homemade sign on fire that says #BlackLivesMatter is drawing a little attention which he points out is how he feels about their movement.

“The BLM crowd only seems to come out to protest when it’s a white police officer killing a black suspect. They’re pretty vocal about that yet they’re silent when one of the thugs they hold in such high regard kills or attacks a police officer. When officer Sean Bolton was killed the members of BLM didn’t protest or express remorse. They also don’t speak out when a black person kills another black person because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Recently, when a 9 year old girl named Jamyla Bolden was killed in Ferguson by someone firing into her house the Black Lives Matter protesters didn’t protest that incident. Instead they and those that support them protested the killing of a thug in St. Louis that pulled out a gun and pointed it at police with the intention of killing them.  I’m pretty sure that little girl’s life mattered. One thing’s for sure the BLM and other anti-cop groups will be seeing a lot more Thin Blue Line flags and people wearing blue then they’d ever thought was possible,” Rosen added.

You can watch the video online here https://vimeo.com/136885993.

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