Pro-Law Enforcement Series To Air On Breaking News Journal In 2016

A new pro-police TV series is being planned to air on the Breaking News Journal TV online TV channel which is set to begin broadcasting in 2016.

Soon, law enforcement and those that support them will have a voice when the Breaking News Journal online TV channel begins broadcasting in 2016. One of the shows called The Thin Blue Family will feature the positive side of law enforcement and show the reality of what the police go through on a daily basis on the job. There will also be stories featuring the families of police officers as well and also show the point of view of law enforcement officers as well.

“We plan on airing real stories and show just how tough a job being a police officer is. Police officers lay their lives on the line everyday to make sure our community is kept safe and we want to clearly show just how much of a sacrifice they make and sometimes it’s the ultimate one,” said Nohl Rosen one of the show’s producers.

Rosen is currently leading a pro-police movement called Rally For L.E. which doesn’t get much news media attention because supporting the police isn’t a popular narrative with the news media. He says this show will hopefully change a lot of minds and get more and more people willing to stand up in support of the police.

“It’s clear that the news media has launched a propaganda campaign against law enforcement in this country and they have been trying to make it appear that the criminals are the good guys and the cops are the bad guys. That’s wrong. The heroes are the ones that put on that uniform everyday to serve the public and make sure  we’re kept safe. We will be airing what the news media in this country refuses to show, that cops matter and that their families matter. Police officers do a lot for our community and it’s time that was recognized, ” Rosen added.

There is no exact date on when the show will begin airing but it’s predicted it will be sometime towards the Fall of 2016 and will appear on BNJ’s channel which will air via Roku, Amazon Fire, and Google Chromecast. Viewers will also be able to watch the show via their computers, tablets, and smart phones as well. BNJ’s channel is subscription based.

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