Small Business Owner Uses Panhandling Technique To Gain New Customers

A Phoenix small business owner has taken to the streets to promote his business in a similar way the panhandlers do. Although he isn’t asking for money he’s instead handing out his business card to gain new customers for his computer repair business.

You’ve probably seen a lot of them standing on street corners in the city of Phoenix, people holding a sign panhandling for money or to beg for food. However one small business owner in Phoenix has also been standing out at various street corners with a sign and the American flag, not to ask for a handout but to gain new customers for his business. Nohl Rosen who owns Panther TEK a local IT company which specializes in computer repair and troubleshooting for residential and small business customers says he’s had a bit of success getting his company’s name out there using a similar technique that the panhandlers use. The only twist is he isn’t asking for a handout.

“I think it comes as a slight surprise to drivers that have seen me standing out there with a sign that I’m not asking for money but simply asking they consider me and my company the next time they need computer help. Panhandling has become a big problem in my area so many expect that someone standing on a street corner holding a sign is asking for money. I’ve had at least one person offer me money not realizing I was there to gain business and that I wanted to simply give them my business card. This form of advertising has been pretty effective for me and I’ve been able to hand out my business card to quite a number of potential new customers,” Rosen said.

Rosen is hoping this marketing campaign will help bring back Main Street USA which was built upon small business and also show other small business owners that not only can standing on a street corner with a sign help get their business name and message out there, but it might also show those panhandling that working for what you want and need is much better than simply relying on others to support you.

“I don’t fault people for asking for help once and a while if they go to the correct agencies to get it from time to time but people shouldn’t rely on government assistance or others as a permanent long term solution. I’d rather earn my own money and have my business prosper. The only way our economy will get stronger and recover is to support small business since it’s what built this country. Small businesses have also provided most of the jobs in the United States which is what people really need. We can’t rely on the government to give us everything and nothing can replace good old fashioned hard work as a pathway to success,” Rosen added.

For more information about Panther TEK call 480-980-8541 or visit the company’s web site at

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