Leader Of Pro-Police Movement Goes On The Attack: “The War On Cops Must End!”

Nohl Rosen, the leader of the pro-police movement Rally For L.E. says that the war on police must end and that more rallies in support of law enforcement are on their way.

When it comes to the recent attacks and killings of police officers, the leader of the pro-police movement Rally For L.E. didn’t hold back his feelings and was fearless in expressing his opinions during a live broadcast last night on Cat Galaxy Radio.

“The war on cops must end and those that kill or attack a police officer should be held accountable and be given no quarter. The time for talk is over and people in this country need to start standing by our police officers. We also need to drive a stake through the heart of the racist and terrorist Black Lives Matter movement as well as those anti-cop groups that support them. It’s time to put an end to them once and for all. One thing’s for sure, they’re going to be seeing a lot more Thin Blue Line flags than they bargained for” said Rally For L.E.’s leader Nohl Rosen.

Rosen also criticized the media for their role in a lot of these attacks on police officers nationwide as they’ve given Black Lives Matter and the rest of the anti-cop side all the attention they could’ve ever needed.

“It’s pretty obvious the news media in this country has blood on its hands because they’ve clearly launched their own propaganda war against law enforcement. It’s pretty clear they’ve done everything they can to make the criminals look like the good guys and the police the bad guys. It’s despicable to say the least. It’s not the criminals laying their lives on the line to protect the community, it’s the cops” Rosen said.

He also added that more pro-police rallies are on their way. One of them will be happening February 27th in front of Mesa Police Headquarters. You can find out more about Rally For L.E. by visiting the movement’s web site at www.rallyforle.com.

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