Pro-Police Movement Leader Calls For Armed Citizens To Protect Police Officers

The leader of a national pro-police movement is calling on its members and citizens to watch the backs of police officers across the United States, and to be armed.

Once again another police officer in this country has been shot today in the line of duty causing the leader of Rally For L.E., a national pro-police movement to speak out and he’s urging its members and citizens throughout the country to watch the backs of police officers and to do what’s necessary within the law to do it, including be armed. It’s all a part of the movement’s initiative called Operation Thin Blue Shield in which citizens will step in when an officer needs assistance and is outnumbered by the bad guys.

“Clearly a war has been declared on law enforcement in this country and we need citizens to have their backs. Police officers have a right to go home safely to their families when their shift is over and it’s high time they were supported and had the backup from the community they serve. If it takes armed citizens to achieve that goal then so be it. We encourage the members of our movement to exercise their Second Amendment rights but also follow the laws of their state as well. Under the initiative we launched in late 2015, if an officer calls out for assistance and we’re able to, we’ll help especially if they’re outnumbered by the bad guys,” said Rally For L.E.’s leader Nohl Rosen.

Rosen says under the new initiative a member can’t interfere with a police officer’s sworn duty under normal circumstances. The only time they can act is when a police officer asks for assistance or if they see a credible threat that the officer isn’t aware of. He says if an officer is alone and a member of Rally For L.E. sees them and is able to stop they will do so and observe. They’ll also stay in the area until the police officer can go safely on their way.

“We don’t want to interfere with a police officer doing their job but we do want to make sure they’re kept safe,” Rosen added.

For more information about Rally For L.E. visit the movement’s web site at

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