Pro-Police Movement Leader Endorses Kelli Ward For United States Senate

Nohl Rosen, the leader of the pro-police movement Rally For L.E. is endorsing Dr. Kelli Ward for United States Senate and hopes she’ll unseat Senator John McCain.

Dr. Kelli Ward, who is running for the United States Senate against Senator John McCain just received another endorsement to her campaign which could gain her support from the law enforcement community. Nohl Rosen, the leader of the national pro-police movement Rally For L.E. has officially endorsed Ward to replace McCain and says she’s just the voice needed to represent our nation’s police officers on Capitol Hill.

“We need a strong voice of support for law enforcement in Washington that they don’t currently have. I think Kelli Ward can be that voice and carry our message of backing them to Congress. Ward is doing what no other candidate is doing, she’s backing law enforcement and showing she isn’t afraid to do so. That’s the kind of candidate we need so I happily endorse her campaign and hope other supporters of law enforcement will do the same,” Rosen said.

Ward recently attended the Back The Badge rally to support law enforcement at Mesa Police Headquarters and openly showed her support for law enforcement. She’s also the only candidate in a national race for office that has appeared at a Rally For L.E. event when most have ignored the fact that a pro-police movement even exists.

“It’s time other candidates showed the same courage Ward has to stand with us in support of our nation’s police officers. What has impressed me most about her is that she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and while she has spent time in Arizona State Senate she isn’t an establishment candidate. She’s showing she’s the people’s candidate which many have been wanting. I also like that she is standing in support of the Second Amendment as well,” Rosen added.

The next Back The Badge rally that Rally For L.E. will be organizing will be at Chandler Police headquarters on April 2nd.


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