Phoenix Business Owner Shows Support For Police, One Department At A Time

Phoenix business owner Nohl Rosen seen here with Officer Craig Scartozzi  from the Surprise PD has been making his way around the Valley in an effort to show police they matter. He’s also the founder of Rally For L.E. a nationwide pro-police movement.

In what has become a labor of love for one Phoenix business owner has blossomed into a full fledged movement in support of the police. Nohl Rosen who owns and operates Panther TEK a local computer repair company is also the founder of Rally For L.E., a nationwide pro-police movement which for over a year has rallied in support of law enforcement nationwide. Most recently he’s been seen standing out in front of police stations around the Phoenix metro area alone to let the man and women in blue know that there are people in the community that support them.

“It’s important to show the police officers that we care about them. The response has been well received at the stations I’ve gone to and hopefully more people will be encouraged to support what they (the police officers) do. I also want to show that one person can also make a difference and that you don’t always need a large crowd to accomplish that goal,” said Rosen.

Rosen says it’s been well worth it to take a little time off work to support law enforcement and is not only hoping the community will stop to show their appreciation to their local police department but that local businesses will also do the same. Rosen has been to 7 different police departments around the valley with the solo rallies showing support for the police. The latest stops were in the last 2 days at Peoria and Surprise PD headquarters.

He also organized a much larger rally recently in Chandler as well. He plans on organizing more rallies which he says he’ll put the word out soon. Of course when he’s not out supporting the police he’s busy solving his customer’s computer problems which Rosen says is a main priority for him.

“I try to balance both, though I have to make a living. But supporting the police is a passion of mine so it’s great to do when I have time off and I want them to know that they matter. However, serving my customers is important as well,” Rosen added.

You can reach Panther TEK at 480-980-8541 or visit the company’s web site at


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