Cat Galaxy Celebrates 15 Years Of Broadcasting

This week Cat Galaxy celebrates its 15 year anniversary. The radio station for cats began broadcasting on April 21, 2001 and has been run by cats ever since. In fact, it is the only internet radio station where cats not only run it but its directed audience is cats as well.

On April 21st Cat Galaxy, the internet radio and TV station for cats celebrates it’s 15th anniversary and the station is already gearing up for the future. Later this year Cat Galaxy will launch a new web site and hopefully be putting out more video content as well.
“We’ve come a long way since the first day we began broadcasting but our mission has remained the same, to put out quality programming for cats everywhere. Our audience can expect to see some changes on the way later this year,” said Nohl Rosen, one of the station’s founders.
Cat Galaxy has had some high points and low points in the 15 years it has been on the air, including the loss of one of the station’s other founding members Isis Rosen who passed away in 2013. Isis also was the station’s manager as well. After her passing her brother Icarus took over the role of station manager and helped to get things slowly back on track. Isis wasn’t the only key player that is no longer with the station, Isis’ and Icarus’ sister Jade passed away in 2008. While not a founding member she like her siblings was important in the station’s day to day operations. Now, since 2013 the station has come full circle with one cat as manager and a human handling everything else.
“Icarus definitely has done a great job managing things around here. However, unlike Isis he doesn’t care much for making personal appearances and being in front of the camera unless it’s on his terms. He prefers to be at home base working things behind the scenes,” Rosen added.
Over the course of 15 years, Cat Galaxy has received it’s fair share of attention has even won a broadcaster award but Rosen says the station’s main focus is making sure to put out quality broadcasts for the cats to enjoy. The station is planning a few new projects but they’re being kept top secret for now. For more information about Cat Galaxy you can visit the station online at
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