Pro-Police Movement Founder Says Armed Citizens Need To End The War On Police

Rally For L.E. founder Nohl Rosen stood watch earlier this month holding a Thin Blue Line flag outside a Scottsdale hospital in support of MCSO Deputy Bryan Wisda who was shot multiple times by a drive by shooter during a traffic stop. 

The founder of the pro-police movement Rally For L.E. (the LE standing for law enforcement) recently appeared on the Chips -N- Salsa Show in Phoenix to talk about the war on police and he isn’t holding back when it comes to the topic when asked on what we can do to end it.

“There’s obviously a clear war that’s been declared on law enforcement in this country and armed citizens need to stand with police in order to end it. We need to have their backs, it’s that simple,” said Nohl Rosen the movement’s founder.

Last week Phoenix Police buried Officer David Glasser in what was described as a massive tribute to truly was a fallen hero. Even in death Officer Glasser saved other lives as he was an organ donor. After being laid to rest however another Phoenix police officer was shot at during a traffic stop. The officer was unharmed but the suspect is still at large. Officer Glasser wasn’t the only officer killed recently in the line of duty and laid to rest in the last week. Auburn police officer Ronald Tarentino, Jr. after he was shot by the driver of vehicle he stopped. In both cases, Officers Glasser and Tarentino both passed away at the hospital and also left a family behind.

Also in the same week a Harris County, GA deputy was shot in the face during a traffic stop but the suspects have been arrested. Over the weekend Houston Police officers also came under attack as well. But despite the battle he wants officers to know that Rally For L.E. will stand by them and be there when they need help. He also says they’ll be there in both good and bad times.

“We shouldn’t just support them when a cop has been killed in the line of duty we need to do it while they’re still here. That’s one of things I’ve been working hard to do and also encourage others to do the same,” Rosen said.

Rosen has stood watch at 3 different hospitals for officers that were shot in the line of duty and he doesn’t want there be to be a fourth.

“One cop injured or killed in the line of duty is one too many in my book. One way or another the war on cops will end and it won’t be the bad guys that win,” Rosen added.

For more about Rally For L.E. visit the movement’s web site at www.

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