Attention Cheapskates & Socialists! Businesses Don’t Work For Free!

Recently, many news reports are coming out saying the Occupy Wall Street and Phoenix crowd insist that the 1% which supposedly represents the wealthiest people in America should pay more in taxes than everyone else. I have a question for the 99% demonstrators, how about paying your fair share?

Many of those members of the Occupy movement have not only targeted the wealthy but small businesses as well. Yes, the same protests on Wall Street where demonstrators feel they should be given hand-outs, obviously feel that businesses should be giving money and service away for free. No doubt, those that would be called cheapskates are loving this movement. It’s all about getting everything for free whether it’s service, money or even products, the Occupy movement has clearly shown what it truly is, a socialist rebellion.

During the holiday season more and more shoppers are flocking to big retail outlets in order to get an item at a cheap price. Isn’t it interesting that none of the 99% protesters are camped outside these stores insisting that it would be really bad to support them. Instead they’re camped out in city parks (which is illegal) and demanding that they be given jobs, money, have someone else pay their bills, and every other freebie under the sun.

Small businesses which struggle every holiday season could use more people to speak up for them. Where are these 99% people when a small business needs help? Here in Phoenix like all over the country there are many of them that could use a booster.

Panther TEK, a local computer repair company in Phoenix says they often see somewhat of a decline as service based companies get overlooked during holiday season. This is why they created Small Service Business Week (happens December 12 – 18) in order to encourage consumers to support those local businesses where service is the #1 product that they sell. In fact giving the gift of service is the best thing to give someone on your holiday wish list because it may be the last item we can say is “Made In USA.”

However, this economy won’t survive if so many people think they should be given something at bargain prices or free just for them. This is becoming a lot more common during the economic downturn. While some people are willing to pay extra to get quality service and particular items, others insist that businesses need to give it away for free or at such low prices, that they don’t care if the establishment suffers or if a store has to close their doors. It’s all about entitlement, which the Occupy movement is promoting.

The current economy has given pathway to a whole new generation of consumers like the Craigslist Society (those that go on craigslist to find the lowest price item or service they can find) which insist that a business or private party advertising an item or service should give it to them at a price lower than is being asked for, or free. Of course, with all the businesses that resist, a whole new crop of fly-by-nighters, part-timers, and other cheap businesses are there to help the penny-pinchers. Of course you do get what you pay for.

I’m sorry to tell all the freeloaders, cheapskates, tightwads and 99%ers out there, most businesses don’t work for free or can afford to give you almost everything you want at your own special rate. If they gave you everything you wanted how could they afford to pay their workers, pay their bills or even afford to feed their families? We realize that socialism might work for you but in a capitalist society there are no free rides. People work for a living. If the wealthiest Americans pay more than the rest of us in taxes, what kind of messages does that send? I agree, everyone should pay their fair share in taxes but other than everyone paying a flat tax (as some members of Congress have proposed), what else should we do?

To sum it all up, it’s ok to try and save money if you’re struggling, but we also can’t hold back from spending money at local small businesses which work hard to provide quality service and products to the masses. Without their help and people willing to support them, no jobs will be created, no taxes will be paid, no additional items will be made available to consumers to give them a choice, and above all the economy won’t be able to get better. The solution to this economic downturn is simple, spend money at small businesses. By doing that jobs will be created, there will be more choices for consumers, and of course the economy will be stronger. All that sure beats socialism and sends a clear message to the Occupy movement that this country believes in working hard to achieve the brass ring. After all, that’s what capitalism is all about.


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