Cat Galaxy Says Animal Cruelty Is No Comedy

As the boycott against Frito Lay and PepsiCo continues, some that saw the Doritos commercial about a cat killing and found it amusing are telling those offended by it to lighten up or telling them “it’s just a joke.” Obviously, those crazy people thinking a commercial that clearly says that killing a cat is OK and is no big deal probably never have witnessed animal cruelty first hand. So, Cat Galaxy put together a video and posted it online to show that animal cruelty is no laughing matter.

The video called Animal Cruelty Is No Comedy shows a real case of animal cruelty which took place 3 years ago where a Mesa, AZ man tried to feed a 6 week old kitten to his snake. When the snake wouldn’t even bother the kitten, he then kicked her like a football until she died.

Cat Galaxy is hoping to the footage would make people realize that animal cruelty is real and that the Doritos commercial that aired during the big game sends the wrong message. It also asks those who laughed at the ad and see it as a joke to see if they still find the topic of animal abuse as funny.

After seeing the video will those who thought the commercial about a dog killing a cat is funny? We hope not.

You can find the video online at Cat Galaxy’s web site at



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