Leader Of Pro-Police Movement Goes On The Attack: “The War On Cops Must End!”

Nohl Rosen, the leader of the pro-police movement Rally For L.E. says that the war on police must end and that more rallies in support of law enforcement are on their way.

When it comes to the recent attacks and killings of police officers, the leader of the pro-police movement Rally For L.E. didn’t hold back his feelings and was fearless in expressing his opinions during a live broadcast last night on Cat Galaxy Radio.

“The war on cops must end and those that kill or attack a police officer should be held accountable and be given no quarter. The time for talk is over and people in this country need to start standing by our police officers. We also need to drive a stake through the heart of the racist and terrorist Black Lives Matter movement as well as those anti-cop groups that support them. It’s time to put an end to them once and for all. One thing’s for sure, they’re going to be seeing a lot more Thin Blue Line flags than they bargained for” said Rally For L.E.’s leader Nohl Rosen.

Rosen also criticized the media for their role in a lot of these attacks on police officers nationwide as they’ve given Black Lives Matter and the rest of the anti-cop side all the attention they could’ve ever needed.

“It’s pretty obvious the news media in this country has blood on its hands because they’ve clearly launched their own propaganda war against law enforcement. It’s pretty clear they’ve done everything they can to make the criminals look like the good guys and the police the bad guys. It’s despicable to say the least. It’s not the criminals laying their lives on the line to protect the community, it’s the cops” Rosen said.

He also added that more pro-police rallies are on their way. One of them will be happening February 27th in front of Mesa Police Headquarters. You can find out more about Rally For L.E. by visiting the movement’s web site at www.rallyforle.com.

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Police Supporters And Patriots Stand Tall Against Black Lives Matter Movement In Phoenix

The Arizona State Capitol was the scene of a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Phoenix but counter-protesters made up of pro-police supporters and patriots were there to greet them to tell the racist and terrorist movement it isn’t welcome in Arizona.

Yesterday, the terrorist and racist known as Black Lives Matter held a demonstration in front of the Arizona State Capitol but the handful of them that showed up got more than bargained for when they were met with counter protesters made up of police supporters and patriots. So far, Black Lives Matter has met very little resistance in the cities they’ve marched in, but Phoenix wasn’t going to be on that list of ones they can claim victory in.

While the members of Black Lives Members that turned out shouted “Black lives matter” the opposing side was quick to respond with “all lives matter” which is something that suddenly yet momentarily silenced the Black Lives Matter members and supporters that turned out to celebrate the criminals they hold in such in high regard. Black Lives Matter also tried to claim they were marching in the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr by calling their protest The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Black Lives Matter Rally which further shows they will use any name or event in order to push their racist and anti-cop narrative.

“I find it distasteful that they’d try to equate what they were doing to the same stand Dr. King took for civil rights. He was a uniter, not a divider and didn’t march for the rights of just one group. He marched for the rights of every American citizen regardless of their skin color or religion. MLK also didn’t advocate attacks and the killing of police officers or destroy entire communities when he demonstrated nor did he burn the American flag. I don’t think he’d support Black Lives Matter if he were alive to see it,” said Nohl Rosen of the pro-police movement Rally For L.E. that lead the counter-protest against Black Lives Matter in Phoenix.

Rosen said he came to the rally to show support for police officers who have become the target of attacks by Black Lives Matter and their supporters. He also said he wanted to show Black Lives Matter that their hateful rhetoric isn’t welcome in Arizona.

“It’s time many people showed support for our police officers who risk their lives everyday to make sure our community is kept safe. They also need to stand up to Black Lives Matter and other groups that have bullied and terrorized entire communities across the nation to push their hateful and destructive agenda. It’s time to take our country back and put an end to Black Lives Matter once and for all,” Rosen added.

Another point made by those that came out to counter-protest Black Lives Matter was that it was also time to put George Soros, Barack Obama and others that have supported Black Lives Matter on notice and to state that their days in power are numbered. Last year the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) joined Black Lives Matter as well which further solidified Black Lives Matter’s terrorist ties.

Overall, it was very clear that Black Lives Matter is being shown the door in Arizona and there are people indeed willing to oppose them. If only the rest of the country would wake up and be willing to take a stand as well. One thing’s for sure, Black Lives Matter will be seeing a lot more Thin Blue Line flags this year as one was very proudly waved yesterday to let law enforcement know that there are citizens that have their backs. Both sides demonstrating however were peaceful but a clear message was sent by those that stood against Black Lives Matter that it’s time for the racist movement pack up and leave.

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Small Business Owner Uses Panhandling Technique To Gain New Customers

A Phoenix small business owner has taken to the streets to promote his business in a similar way the panhandlers do. Although he isn’t asking for money he’s instead handing out his business card to gain new customers for his computer repair business.

You’ve probably seen a lot of them standing on street corners in the city of Phoenix, people holding a sign panhandling for money or to beg for food. However one small business owner in Phoenix has also been standing out at various street corners with a sign and the American flag, not to ask for a handout but to gain new customers for his business. Nohl Rosen who owns Panther TEK a local IT company which specializes in computer repair and troubleshooting for residential and small business customers says he’s had a bit of success getting his company’s name out there using a similar technique that the panhandlers use. The only twist is he isn’t asking for a handout.

“I think it comes as a slight surprise to drivers that have seen me standing out there with a sign that I’m not asking for money but simply asking they consider me and my company the next time they need computer help. Panhandling has become a big problem in my area so many expect that someone standing on a street corner holding a sign is asking for money. I’ve had at least one person offer me money not realizing I was there to gain business and that I wanted to simply give them my business card. This form of advertising has been pretty effective for me and I’ve been able to hand out my business card to quite a number of potential new customers,” Rosen said.

Rosen is hoping this marketing campaign will help bring back Main Street USA which was built upon small business and also show other small business owners that not only can standing on a street corner with a sign help get their business name and message out there, but it might also show those panhandling that working for what you want and need is much better than simply relying on others to support you.

“I don’t fault people for asking for help once and a while if they go to the correct agencies to get it from time to time but people shouldn’t rely on government assistance or others as a permanent long term solution. I’d rather earn my own money and have my business prosper. The only way our economy will get stronger and recover is to support small business since it’s what built this country. Small businesses have also provided most of the jobs in the United States which is what people really need. We can’t rely on the government to give us everything and nothing can replace good old fashioned hard work as a pathway to success,” Rosen added.

For more information about Panther TEK call 480-980-8541 or visit the company’s web site at www.panthertekit.com.

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Pro-Police Movement Rally For L.E. Turns 1 Years Old

Rally For L.E.’s founder Nohl Rosen at a recent solo rally outside a police station in Glendale, AZ. The pro-police movement he started turns 1 years old this month.

Over the last couple of years, Black Lives Matter has continued to have their racist and and anti-cop narrative broadcasted to the masses by a news media that has overwhelmingly supported them. Meanwhile, a rising pro-police movement has gone almost virtually unnoticed by the public as both the so-called conservative and liberal news media seems reluctant to even mention that such a thing. Regardless, the pro-law enforcement movement Rally For L.E. turns 1 years old this month and it all started with a small rally in Phoenix after the movement’s founder Nohl Rosen got tired of seeing and hearing the anti-cop crowd, the anarchists and the news media bashing the police on a daily basis. So instead of sitting idly by he organized a rally in front of Phoenix Police Headquarters which gained a little attention. That rally then sparked a pro-police demonstration to happen in Houston the following week. It eventually spread to even more cities despite the fact that the news media fails to mention it.

“We’ve come a long way in a year but it’s not surprising that many still have not heard of us. Supporting the police isn’t a popular narrative these days with the media and their lack of coverage of our side isn’t surprising. It’s clear they’ve launched a propaganda campaign against law enforcement nationwide and are doing what they can to support Black Lives Matter by spreading their hateful narrative. Despite it all Rally For L.E. has reached its 1 year anniversary and we will continue to stand up in support of the Thin Blue Line and let our nation’s law enforcement know that we have their backs,” Rosen said.

Rally For L.E. has held numerous rallies across the United States and still continues to grow despite the lack of public attention. The movement is made up of not only police supporters but also retired and current law enforcement members and their families. The movement is grass roots but still continues to charge up hill.

“We have good people that have joined the movement and while we may not have the resources that our opposition does or even the media on our side we remain strong in our resolve to support the members of law enforcement and let them know that they matter. We also will continue to fight to defend the Thin Blue Line as well,” Rosen added.

As for Black Lives Matter and the growing anti-cop movement, Rosen says their days are numbered and he’s encouraged those that support the police to stand up to them and not be afraid of them.

“I call them (Black Lives Matter) what they are, bullies and terrorists. I’m not afraid of them and people need to stop allowing their communities to be held hostage by them,” Rosen said.

Now what is ahead for Rally For L.E. you might ask? One of the things they’re planning in 2016 is to produce an online web series called Thin Blue Family which will be presented from the point of view of police officers and their family members. It’s expected that it will have a strong pro-police message and give a voice to law enforcement they might otherwise not had through the so-called mainstream media. Rally For L.E. also plans to hold more rallies and other events in support police.

If you want to know more about Rally For L.E. visit the movement’s web site at www.rallyforle.com. You can also reach them on social media as well. On Facebook you can find them at www.facebook.com/RallyForLE and on Twitter at twitter.com/RallyForLE.

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Pro-Law Enforcement Movement Creates Unique Program To Help Keep Police Officers Safe

The pro-police movement Rally For L.E. has come up with a new idea to help keep police officers safe in this country called Operation Thin Blue Shield. The initiative which is being described as a neighborhood watch for police officers was started due to all the recent attacks and killing of law enforcement officers across the country.

Police officers may not know it but they’re about to have citizens protecting them from the bad guys when they can’t see them coming. The pro-police movement Rally For L.E. has started a new initiative called Operation Thin Blue Shield which is intended to keep a protective eye on police officers in an effort to keep them safe.

The plan is to have Rally For L.E. members and supporters be a silent guardian for police officers where if they see a credible threat to them, that they warn them of the danger. If a police officer is walking alone or is distracted because they’re doing their duty and can’t see the bad guy coming then it’ll be a citizen that helps take down that threat.

“It’s clear that the police are under attack in this country and it’ll take good citizens to help keep them safe. Sometimes police officers can’t see the danger of a bad guy coming to attack them or don’t have enough time to act, this plan is to help be that second pair of eyes for them. We don’t want our members to interfere with an officer doing their job but we won’t stand by and let them get killed or attacked by the bad guy they can’t see coming. We also won’t stand by and do nothing when an angry crowd gathers around a cop because they’re doing their duty of arresting a criminal. In a way, Operation Thin Blue Shield is a neighborhood watch program for the police. We want the officers to know that we have their backs,” said Rally For L.E.’s leader Nohl Rosen.

Under the new initiative, those participating are expected to follow the laws of the state they reside in as well as the rules of the United States Constitution. The entire program is volunteer based.



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Phoenix City Councilman Stands Up In Support Of The Police & Speaks Out Against The Black Lives Matter


One Phoenix City Council Representative is speaking out in support of the police and is asking others to do the same. At a recent City Council meeting members of the Black Lives Matter movement disrupted it in order to publicly bash the police and present their anti-cop and racist narrative. While Mayor Greg Stanton let them take over the floor and apparently showed his support for the BLM, Councilman Sal DiCiccio spoke up in support of the police and was the lone voice speaking out against the BLM and anti-cop movement at that meeting. Councilman DiCiccio also spoke out again today on the matter. Here’s his release in it’s entirety.  Thank you Councilman for standing up for the police.

Police Need Politicians to Speak up Against Extremist Movement

Below is a link where the Mayor prevents me from defending the police against the rhetoric of supporters of the Black Lives Movement.


I believe it is time for politicians at City Hall and across our state to push back against the harmful rhetoric of the Black Lives Movement.

At the last city council meeting I was clearly told that I was able to publicly defend our men and women in blue. What you will see on this tape is Mayor Stanton using a procedural move to prevent my ability to make a statement defending those who defend us.

I fully agree that the other side has the right of free speech, but so do we. I fully understand that there are those politicians that would like to avoid this issue for fear that it could damage their own political lives, but police lives matter too.


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Pro-Law Enforcement Series To Air On Breaking News Journal In 2016

A new pro-police TV series is being planned to air on the Breaking News Journal TV online TV channel which is set to begin broadcasting in 2016.

Soon, law enforcement and those that support them will have a voice when the Breaking News Journal online TV channel begins broadcasting in 2016. One of the shows called The Thin Blue Family will feature the positive side of law enforcement and show the reality of what the police go through on a daily basis on the job. There will also be stories featuring the families of police officers as well and also show the point of view of law enforcement officers as well.

“We plan on airing real stories and show just how tough a job being a police officer is. Police officers lay their lives on the line everyday to make sure our community is kept safe and we want to clearly show just how much of a sacrifice they make and sometimes it’s the ultimate one,” said Nohl Rosen one of the show’s producers.

Rosen is currently leading a pro-police movement called Rally For L.E. which doesn’t get much news media attention because supporting the police isn’t a popular narrative with the news media. He says this show will hopefully change a lot of minds and get more and more people willing to stand up in support of the police.

“It’s clear that the news media has launched a propaganda campaign against law enforcement in this country and they have been trying to make it appear that the criminals are the good guys and the cops are the bad guys. That’s wrong. The heroes are the ones that put on that uniform everyday to serve the public and make sure  we’re kept safe. We will be airing what the news media in this country refuses to show, that cops matter and that their families matter. Police officers do a lot for our community and it’s time that was recognized, ” Rosen added.

There is no exact date on when the show will begin airing but it’s predicted it will be sometime towards the Fall of 2016 and will appear on BNJ’s channel which will air via Roku, Amazon Fire, and Google Chromecast. Viewers will also be able to watch the show via their computers, tablets, and smart phones as well. BNJ’s channel is subscription based.

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Belkin Wireless Router’s Firewall Software Blocks Pro-Life Web Sites

A computer tech from Panther TEK discovered that pro-life web sites were being blocked by default by Symantec’s Norton ConnectSafe software which is the firewall software for Belkin wireless routers. The customers that brought this strange issue to the tech’s attention said they purchased the wireless router at Best Buy.

Phoenix based IT company Panther TEK receives plenty of calls when people have problems with their computers, but one particular problem has owner Nohl Rosen baffled and wondering if big companies are now forcing their political views onto consumers. Rosen received a call from a customer who was needing help with a wireless printer that wasn’t connecting to their Wi-Fi network, and while he was on-site the customer made mention that one particular web site they were trying to access, Crisis Pregnancy Centers Of Greater Phoenix was being blocked for some reason by their Belkin wireless router.

Looking deeper into the issue Rosen discovered that the wireless router’s firewall software by default was blocking sites that had to do with the word abortion. Belkin routers apparently use Symantec’s Norton ConnectSafe software for their firewall software, but Rosen says this is first time he’s seen a problem where a router or firewall blocked a site due to political reasons.

“This was definitely a new one for me and I’ve seen a lot of things as a tech, but I’ve never seen firewall software block a user’s internet access or from them reaching a particular site because of a political issue like abortion. In this case it was blocking a pro-life site called Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Greater Phoenix and the customer never requested or asked that it be blocked. This block was a default setting in the firewall software itself,” Rosen said.

Rosen has called both Belkin and Symantec’s customer support lines and those he spoke with were less than helpful in solving the issue but he figured he’d let them know about it. Further research has shown one other encounter happened in 2014 where Symantec’s firewall software blocked a user’s access to a pro-life web site but not to Planned Parenthood’s web site. Rosen was also able to confirm this as well.

“I always believe in taking another look at the issue and found that it wasn’t just one pro-life site that the firewall was blocking, it was blocking others claiming they were malicious web sites. However, it didn’t block Planned Parenthood’s site so it certainly is an interesting issue, but it’s fixable. This issue however certainly will make some wonder if larger companies are now forcing their political position regarding abortion onto customers via their products,” Rosen added.

He did add that by lowering the security settings on the router’s firewall to a medium or lower setting that users will be able to log onto web sites that they wish to view. Lists online from a few pro-life groups have pointed out that Symantec and other large companies are supporters of Planned Parenthood.

For more about Panther TEK feel free to call 480-980-8541 or visit the company’s web site at www.panthertekit.com.

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Police Supporter Puts Out Strong Message Against The Black Lives Matter Movement

In his latest video, the leader of the pro-police movement Rally For L.E. shows how he feels about the Black Lives Matter movement which he calls a bunch of racist bullies.

pro-police movement Rally For L.E. is getting more fierce when it comes to speaking out against the Black Lives Matter movement and other anti-police groups. In a new video posted online, he showed exactly how he felt about BLM and others that support them.

“People need to start standing up to these groups like Black Lives Matter and those that support them.  They’re nothing but a bunch of racist bullies which built their entire movement on a lie and elevate criminals to some kind of hero status. It’s time to stand up to them and side with the police which are the true heroes,” said Rally For L.E.s leader Nohl Rosen.

His stand has already generated a reaction from BLM members and from police supporters. And one picture showing Rosen lighting a homemade sign on fire that says #BlackLivesMatter is drawing a little attention which he points out is how he feels about their movement.

“The BLM crowd only seems to come out to protest when it’s a white police officer killing a black suspect. They’re pretty vocal about that yet they’re silent when one of the thugs they hold in such high regard kills or attacks a police officer. When officer Sean Bolton was killed the members of BLM didn’t protest or express remorse. They also don’t speak out when a black person kills another black person because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Recently, when a 9 year old girl named Jamyla Bolden was killed in Ferguson by someone firing into her house the Black Lives Matter protesters didn’t protest that incident. Instead they and those that support them protested the killing of a thug in St. Louis that pulled out a gun and pointed it at police with the intention of killing them.  I’m pretty sure that little girl’s life mattered. One thing’s for sure the BLM and other anti-cop groups will be seeing a lot more Thin Blue Line flags and people wearing blue then they’d ever thought was possible,” Rosen added.

You can watch the video online here https://vimeo.com/136885993.

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Leader Of Pro-Police Movement Says It’s Time To Stand Up To The Racist Black Lives Matter Gang

Nohl Rosen, the leader of the pro-police movement Rally For L.E. is once again speaking out in support of the police and is letting the anti-cop crowd know that they’re on notice and they can expect to see a lot more Thin Blue Line flags flying across the country as well as people wearing the color blue.

The leader of a nationwide pro-police movement is once again calling the anti-cop crowd and the news media out on its bad behavior towards police officers and has vowed to stand with the Thin Blue Line.

“We need to start calling the Black Lives Matter movement what it really is, a gang of bullies and black supremacists. It was a born from a lie and the news media needs to stop giving them so much airtime. Of course it’s very clear the so-called mainstream media has launched a propaganda war against the police so I don’t expect that will happen or that they’ll even mention a pro-police movement even exists because it doesn’t fit the narrative with them. I want the police officers in this country to know that there are people that support them and appreciate their service to the community,” said Rally For L.E. leader Nohl Rosen.

Rosen has been very vocal recently when it has come to anti-cop protests especially when protesters are calling for the killing of cops.

“I find it despicable people would support that position which shows just how bad our country has gotten. The worst part is we have a news media that’s trying to make it seem like the criminals are either sweet and innocent victims or heroes. Thugs and bullies aren’t heroes. The real heroes are the ones that put on that uniform and badge everyday to serve their community. They also literally lay their lives on the line to keep the community safe and that sacrifice should never be forgotten,” Rosen added.

He also added that the anti-cop protesters will be seeing a lot more Thin Blue Line flags flying in this country and to expect to see more people wearing blue in support of the police. For more about Rally For L.E. visit their web site at www.rallyforle.com.

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