Business Owner Says His Company Won’t Serve Illegals

When Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed an executive order to deny state benefits including driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, dozens of illegal immigrants and supporters of Barack Obama’s DREAM Act (better known as (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) marched to the steps of the State Capitol demanding Governor Brewer to change her mind. Even the local media gathered to carry their message to the masses making it seem like the Governor stood alone in her decision.  Earlier this week however an Arizona business owner has sent word to Gov. Brewer that she isn’t alone in her stand.

Nohl Rosen, owner of Panther TEK an IT company based in Phoenix that specializes in computer repair for residential and small business customers, has already announced that  his firm won’t do business with any company that knowingly hires illegal immigrants or is owned by one. This means if they need service for their computer systems, they’ll have to go elsewhere.

“At some point we have to say NO MORE and start taking our country back. Two years ago, suspected illegal immigrants and pro-illegal supporters held a demonstration at the State Capitol, where they desecrated the American and Arizona flags and called for an economic boycott of our state. It’s time we return the favor and boycott them,” Rosen said.

Besides not doing any business or trade with companies that hire illegal immigrants, Rosen also says he won’t sub contract any work to them as well. His company isn’t the first to take this kind of stand to deny service to illegal immigrants however.  Decatur Utilities in Alabama began denying electric, gas, water or sewer service to illegal immigrants in late 2011 according to a story by the Decatur Daily. Nonetheless, this could be a sign that businesses might end up on the front lines in the battle against illegal immigration and the Obama administration which has given backdoor amnesty to the Dreamloaders.

“Hopefully, more businesses will deny jobs and services to illegal immigrants instead of rewarding them like Obama has. Being in this country illegally is just that, it’s illegal. We should leave the opportunities open for qualified United State citizens and to those who come to this country the legal (and proper) way,” Rosen added.

It remains unknown if other businesses owners will decide to join an economic and service boycott of illegal immigrants, but Rosen added that he hopes things will be different after the elections happen.

“I don’t think we can stand four more years of Obama. He’s done a lot of damage to our country, and has not only handed us more taxes but also a $1 trillion deficit which ends up being carried on the backs of small businesses. It’s time for a change, not more of Obama’s policies,” Rosen added.




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