Small Business Owner Says Obama Needs To Be Fired From His Job

Lately, the Democrats are being asked one question they’re seemingly trying to avoid. Are we better off today with Barack Obama being in office than we were 4 years ago? One small business owner says that for him, the answer is no.

“Since Obama took office my taxes have gone up, fuel prices have increased¬† and the cost of equipment needed for my company have gotten higher. All of these things have affected my business and unfortunately I’ve had to raise prices within the last 3 years. What’s worse is, I now have Obamacare to deal with, so it’s an additional expense to my company. As far as I’m concerned, we’re not better off under Obama and he needs to be fired from his job,” said Nohl Rosen of Panther TEK, a local IT company in Phoenix.

The Democrats which kicked off their convention in Charlotte, NC earlier this week have repeated over and over again that Obama has created 4 million new jobs, and according to a speech by Bill Clinton that business and government should work to together and that if you gain success you must share it with others. Rosen says business owners shouldn’t be told to share their wealth or be forced to share it with other people that don’t work.

“It’s pretty obvious that Obama is trying to sell us socialism and I didn’t sign up for that. I work hard for my money and I’ll decide who I give it to and where I spend it. I’m proud to be a small business owner and yes Obama I did build it on my own, ” Rosen added.

He also mentions that he’s encouraging other small business owners to vote against Obama in November to send a strong message to the current administration that he, like so many other entrepreneurs did build their success and should be proud of it.

When Obama first took office unemployment was at 7.8% and now is at 8.3%. While the Obama administration has said they created 4 million new jobs , the big question is how they got that number and where did the jobs go? According to an article recently posted on the American Thinker website 5.4 million people have lost their jobs in the last 3 1/2 years. According to¬† Mitt Romney’s campaign at least 23 million people are out of work in this country.

The biggest headache for this country according to Rosen is the $16 trillion debt Obama has left us and it will definitely fall on the backs of small business owners like himself.

“It’s definitely going to hurt us and in some ways already has. I’ve seen a lot of small businesses either close their doors or are struggling to survive. I’ve already had to consider a second price increase for my services just to stay afloat,” Rosen said.

Rosen was also quick to point out that part of the economic issues we’re facing in this country aren’t just Obama’s fault, but that consumers must also shoulder some responsibility. He mentions that if more people supported local small businesses over larger retailers on a regular basis the economy might be in better shape and less of them would be forced to close.

This election has become more important than ever. Not just to turn things around economically but also to prevent more businesses from closing so job creation and prosperity can happen. So will you be voting for 4 more years of Obama/Biden or take a chance on Romney/Ryan? No matter what the choice is, small businesses will need to be prepared for whatever happens and so will consumers. On November 6th get out and vote and remember where the economy is presently at when you cast your ballot.

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