Unemployment Totals Should Reflect The Number Of Animals That Lose Their Jobs

The Labor Department’s numbers were just released claiming that unemployment has dropped from 8.1% in August to 7.8% in September and many analysts are drawing into question if the numbers were fixed in order to make Barack Obama look good in the eyes of the public. Sure the DOL is reporting 114,000 being added but remember, the Democrats are in control of many of the federal agencies including the one that’s in charge of the job numbers.

Yes, it does seem like the unemployment numbers are being switched around, especially since many states are still reporting increased numbers of people filing for unemployment. In Arizona alone there were 20,856 new unemployment benefit claims filed in September and 80,469 continued claims. Unemployment is at 8.3% in that state.

More than likely the unemployment rate is close to 20% because the federal numbers don’t seem to reflect 3 key elements, those who have given up looking for work,  had their benefits expire or individuals that started small businesses. No matter how you slice it, there are still 23 million humans out of work and thanks to Obama we’ll be seeing an increase in that number, especially if he’s re-elected to a second term.

But unemployment doesn’t just have an effect on humans, it also strikes cats and dogs as well. Yes, some people are surrendering their 4-legged family members to shelters or cutting back on their care because money is tight. There have even been reports that some people are having their animals euthanized because they can’t afford to care for them.

Unemployment and the economic downturn has also affected animal rescue organizations which not only have taken in a number of animals but donations to organizations are also down. Yes, if people aren’t working or are struggling financially, they’re a bit less charitable. This means animal rescue organizations are having to find new ways to deal with the economic crunch.

In the first presidential debate, Governor Mitt Romney says that he wants to create more jobs in this country. We’d better hope he wins, not just so we can get Americans working again in this country, but also so we can prevent some of them from having to decide whether they give up their 4-legged friends in favor of trying to keep themselves afloat.

The unemployment numbers may reflect the number of humans out of work, but it doesn’t count the number of animals that lose their jobs as our protectors, comforters and caretakers. Maybe, if they did, the candidates for President would come to realize that losing one’s job and home affects more than just us two legged creatures. Enough said.



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