Small Business Owner Says He May Raise Prices If Obama Is Re-Elected

One small business owner in Phoenix may have to raise prices if Obama is re-elected to the Presidency and Obamacare goes into affect. Nohl Rosen, who owns Panther TEK in Phoenix says that since Barack Obama has taken office he’s definitely felt a pinch in his wallet.

“My taxes have increased, gas prices have doubled and the equipment costs needed to run the company have gone up. All of this affects my business and now with the threat of Obamacare I may now have to raise prices just to afford all of the things Obama wants. This guy is killing small business in this country,” Rosen said.

Rosen, who’s company does computer repair for customers throughout the Phoenix metro area has held off raising prices after doing so 3 years ago during Obama’s first year in office. He says it was a tough decision to do it then, but now with Obamacare going into affect it will be another item Rosen will have to pay for. He wasted no time in stating which candidate he supports in this election.

“We need to vote Obama out of office and put Mitt Romney in. It’s definitely going to take a business person to turn this country around since Obama has been devastating to our economy. I’m proud to be a small business owner and it’s pretty obvious that Obama is trying to penalize me and so many other entrepreneurs with his programs. I did build my business and will fight awfully hard to keep it going. Any business you start and believe in is worth saving,” Rosen added.

Rosen also mentions he’s reaching out to other small business owners to encourage them to vote for Romney and that he isn’t willing to deal with 4 more years of Obama being in the White House. His stand of supporting Romney hasn’t been popular with those who support Obama who’ve called him a racist, uneducated and clueless, but Rosen says he won’t back down of his support for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

“These people (the Obama suppporters) can call me whatever they want, but I won’t let them bully me into supporting someone who’s brought us nothing but socialism and tried to penalize people who are successful in this country. I believe Governor Romney is the best chance we have right now in taking our country back and that’s who I support,” Rosen said.


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