Local Business Owner Says Fiscal Cliff Could Prove Fatal For Smaller Companies

The upcoming fiscal cliff has a lot of people concerned, especially small business owners who are already having a tough time surviving in today’s economy. Entrepreneurs like Nohl Rosen who started his computer repair company Panther TEK over 10 years ago is already facing having to raise prices again just to stay afloat. He’s concerned the fiscal cliff could force a lot of small businesses his company supports to scale back on their IT needs or possibly close altogether. Panther TEK also supports residential customers as well which could also hold back on their computer maintenance or getting certain problems fixed due to lack of money.

“I think the fiscal cliff leaves us all with some uncertainty and concern. As a small business owner it’s hard to think about having to raise prices especially when so many people that you know personally are struggling. Unfortunately, it’s starting to look like in the first part of 2013 we’ll have to increase our rates just to keep afloat and our doors open,” Rosen said.

The unique thing about Panther TEK is that the company is trying to help struggling customers in some small way financially. They have launched a new referral program that they’re testing over the next few months, which could hopefully lead to not only more business for the company but also put a little money in the pockets of their customers as well. For each new referral that a customer sends them that uses the company’s repair or troubleshooting services, the company will give them a one time referral of $20. It may not be much but Rosen is hopeful this small benefit will help turn things into a win-win situation for both his business and customers who need a small financial boost to get by.

If you want to know more about Panther TEK and its services, call 480-980-8541.

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