Media Shows Fear Of Second Amendment And Responsible Gun Ownership

When a local computer repair company called Panther TEK here in Phoenix decided to host a Second Amendment Appreciation Day, gun owners welcomed the idea of such an event. Thought it happens only a couple of days away and the buzz online about it, the liberal media has avoided it entirely. Which begs the question, if a business hosted a day celebrating gun control would the media consider that newsworthy? It’s starting to look that way. Yes, it certainly seems that he mainstream media wants gun control and has a real fear of anything that’s conservative based. This is probably why stories that involve someone using a gun to save a life is aired or shown so infrequently.

The media seems to like negativity and often dwells on it thinking this is the stuff the public wants to see. In their minds, the more negative situations like school and office complex shootings, the better. Lately, whenever there’s a story involving the pressing for gun control or to end what the liberals call gun violence (yes, the liberals are trying to make it appear that guns are responsible for any type of violence that happens) it multiplies. The media is very quick to focus on the fact that if a violent act takes place that the word gun needs to be somehow involved in the story. In fact, the media focuses so much on someone getting killed by gun fire that any story that talks about responsible gun owners is almost non-existent.

The liberals and the anti-gun lobby seem to feel that it’s not people that kill people, it’s guns that kill people. Why else would they insist that we have more gun laws (like the ones we don’t have in the books aren’t tough enough) or create anti-gun violence and anti-gun campaigns? The media seems to share their views because every time you turn around they’re airing and posting stories about gun control or how Obama is going on a tour to combat gun violence. Could it be that the reason the media fails to show the positive side of guns and gun ownership is because they fear the Second Amendment? It’s an interesting question but it’s certainly starting to look that way.

Here’s the bottom line and it’s something the media and the liberals fail to grasp. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. It takes a person to fire the weapon. Another fact, responsible gun owners far outnumber those who use them for malicious intent. The media fails to report about about it and instead we get stories about how guns need to be regulated even further and make it appear that majority of gun owners are irresponsible and crazed killers that shoot up schools, move theaters and office complexes.

Responsible gun owners believe in the positive uses for guns like protecting themselves, their families and even their businesses. The mainstream media doesn’t seem to like or want to hear that, but it’s true. Guns have saved lives and the majority of responsible gun owners are being unfairly targeted by not only anti-gun lobbyists and their supporters but by a liberally controlled and charged media as well. It’s time they learn that the Second Amendment and the rest of the United States Constitution means something and it isn’t just a simple piece of paper being on display in Washington DC.

On February 8th, Panther TEK hosts it’s very first Second Amendment Appreciation Day and giving a special discount on their computer repair and troubleshooting services to responsible gun owners and their regular customers. If you want to know more or need computer help, give them a call at 480-980-8541.


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