Animal Rescue Groups Need Help Now That Kitten Season Is Here

Once again, animal rescue organizations in the Phoenix metro area are getting flooded with kittens and despite their best efforts to encourage the public to get their animals spayed and neutered the message seems to fall on deaf ears in a lot of ways. Two weeks ago, a 6 month old kitten was brought into Safe Haven For Animals‘ shelter by one of its volunteers after being rescued in a rough neighborhood in Mesa where the neighborhood kids aren’t very friendly to cats. What makes this story even more incredible is the fact that the kitten named Baby was pregnant with babies of her own.

A few days ago, Baby had given birth to 5 kittens although 2 of them didn’t make it. However, the ones that did make it are being well cared for not just by Baby herself but also by Safe Haven’s volunteers who check on them day and night. However, with kitten season here more animal rescue organizations will be dealing with situations like this. Also being reported is the manner in which kittens are showing up at shelters or are rescued. Last week, an animal rescuer put out a 911 to other rescue organizations after discovering a box full of kittens dumped at the side of a busy road in Phoenix. The box was sealed with no air holes which no doubt could’ve suffocated the kittens if it wasn’t found.

But that wasn’t the only incident to happen with kittens now that the season is here. A Safe Haven volunteer who often fosters cats for the group said her vet had a litter of kittens dumped at their doorstep. They too were found inside a box with no holes for air. Yes, there are acts of cruelty going on and somehow you hope karma catches up with those who were uncaring enough to put kittens inside an air tight container and dump them at a busy roadside or outside a veterinary clinic in the hopes that someone else would come along and find them.

Yes, spaying and neutering does help prevent unwanted litters and is the responsible thing to do. However, the message to do so is getting lost. Also, the animal rescue organizations like Safe Haven are in need of financial help to continue their work to not only help cats like Baby and her kittens, but also to help care for the many other cats at their shelter which are waiting to be adopted. This is indeed a worthy cause that public needs to know about.

The news media certainly could be doing a lot more to help get the word out about the rescues, because the public needs to be reached. Sure, a kid dying of cancer or a campaign to help the homeless is great for some, but the reminder to spay and neuter your animals and to let people know that the animal rescue organizations are need of assistance needs to be constantly in front of people. The media has made this a once and a while issue when it should be more mainstream. Apparently, if it isn’t the Jodi Arias trial or some national tragedy like the Boston bombing, kitten season isn’t worth covering in the eyes of the media. However, it should be even though it may not be negative enough for them.

The question is, how many kittens have to be dropped off at the doorsteps of veterinary clinics, shelters or dumped at the side of road before the public wakes up and faces the reality that kitten season is here and its real? When will the media act and get the word out that it has arrived?  The time to act is not tomorrow but today. It’s time to get involved whether it’s donating money to a no-kill animal rescue group or volunteering your time to help the cats in need. Now, which will you choose? Will you be part of the solution or be part of the problem?

If you’d like to help Safe Haven then give them a call at 602-926-8454 or visit their web site at


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