Phoenix Comicon Is Worth The Price Of Admission

Next week, Phoenix Comicon from May 23 – 26th will once again invade the Phoenix Convention Center in downtown Phoenix¬† The only thing we can say is that it is indeed worth the ticket if you love sci-fi, comic books, writing, or even art, not to mention a good way to spend your Memorial Day Weekend. While the event can best be described as “Halloween on steroids” by some attendees, the event itself has proven to be a fun experience. It isn’t so much the costumes that make up the convention or even getting up close with the guests that attend that makes it such a special event. It’s the people you meet. People are friendly and there is definitely a chance to come away from the event making new friends.

Two years ago we here at Cat Galaxy thought it would be a great idea to cover our first Comicon and now we’re preparing for our third. While we’ve been looked upon by larger media as unusual due to the fact that we’re a station for cats, Comicon is one of those events that no matter how weird the outside world thinks you are, the people at this event welcome you. In fact, they encourage you to dress up in your favorite costume for the occasion. Yes, no matter how old you are, dressing up is part of the normal flow of this event and even we here at Cat Galaxy are planning to dress up for it despite the fact that we’ll be doing interviews and taking pictures. Picture taking is certainly something that isn’t new at this convention so your digital camera or smart phone camera will get a workout. Of course, if you run into a costumed character be sure to ask if you can take a photo with them. Many times they’ll pose for you but it’s simply polite.

This year is extra special for us because not only will we be covering the convention for our cat dominated station but also for Breaking News Journal which truly shows just how much things are catching on around here. This is our first real event where we also cover it for a national news organization, so dressing up in costume certainly sounded like a great way to show just how much fun the Con can be. Luckily, the management here is pretty flexible in that regard.

Attending the Con is indeed pretty affordable especially if you want to go for the entire weekend. A full event membership purchased online through May 22nd is $50. After that it’s $60 when purchased at the event itself. If you can’t go the entire weekend then single day memberships are available as well. If you plan on going Friday May 24th it’s $25 online until May 22nd and after that it’s $30 on-site. Saturday May 25th it’s $30 online through May 22nd and $35 at the door. Sunday May 26th it’s $20. There is also a preview day on Thursday May 23rd for $15 but that only gives you a slight taste of what the event will be like. Your best bet to experience the entire convention is to get the full event membership.

One of the top things we recommend besides having fun at the Con is to wear comfortable shoes. Yes, you do a lot of walking throughout the convention. Also, bring plenty of money because you’ll not only find lots of things to buy in the exhibitor hall but also food is a bit pricey inside the Phoenix Convention Center. There are nearby eateries which might provide some options so mapping them out is good. In fact, we found a couple within walking distance.

Overall, Phoenix Comicon is one of those experiences that comes around only once a year and it’s worth the price of admission if you’re a fan of sci-fi, comics, fantasy, horror, and cosplay. There seems to be something for everyone. The guest list this year is pretty good with Amanda Tapping, Terry Brooks, Dean Cain, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, Anthony Michael Hall, and others making an appearance. Each year the guest list seems to change, and there is indeed a good variety of them attending. Besides the ones that show up from your favorite sci-fi, fantasy and horror TV shows, plenty of comic book artists and writers attend the event so you’re sure to run into a few of your favorites.¬† Now grab your tickets because you’re indeed in for an enjoyable time.




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