Is Barack Obama A Cat Hater? Obama Proclaims June LGBT Pride Month Instead Of Recognizing It As Adopt A Cat Month

It looks like the Obama administration has declared its disgust for cats. Instead of recognizing June as being National Adopt A Cat Month, he’s declared it to be LGBT Pride Month instead. Could we now be seeing Barack Obama’s distaste for cats truly playing out here? Many say he’s Muslim and while the facts seem to lean towards this, I pulled up this little fact which shows just how much a role cats play even in that religion. Cats throughout history have been revered and loved. In ancient Egypt for example they were widely worshiped and respected. They were loved so much even back then that in ancient Egypt harming a cat was punishable by death. But that’s only one fact in world history we found where cats were held in such high stature.

While much of this country talks about Muslims and the radical followers of Islam in regards to terrorism, we found that cats have a special place even in their culture and their are indeed touching stories that take place.  The Islamic prophet Muhammad loved his cat Muezza to such a degree that one day when he awoke for his daily call to prayer and saw the cat resting on the sleeve of his prayer robe, he cut it off so he wouldn’t wake her up. If Obama is indeed a Muslim, shouldn’t he be more willing to recognize Adopt A Cat Month instead of dismissing it and giving June to members of the LGBT community? Now I have nothing against gays but June is rightfully Adopt A Cat Month and has been for quite a while. This is the month we try to encourage the humans out there to adopt a cat from a shelter that needs a forever home. Certainly, the members of the LGBT community can understand that since some of them are cat people.

Now before the liberal members of the LGBT community try to make it look like this blog posting is bigoted, I think it’s important to stand up for certain species. Yes, we do feel cats are more deserving to have a month just for them than any human. Adopt A Cat Month is about giving cats a second chance at life instead of being euthanized at the local shelter. Right now it’s kitten season and many animal rescue organizations are dealing with a large intake of them because people fail to spay and neuter their animals.  Yes, we love kittens too because every cat starts out as one but they also get adopted out much faster than the adults. Also, cats don’t have an understanding of contraception like we humans do.

No, I think overall that Obama is showing his disdain for cats because it’s obvious to a lot of us cat people that  June was made Adopt A Cat Month for a reason. It’s about giving cats a second chance as every one of them deserves to have one and a good and loving home. Cats don’t care much about gay pride or what a human’s sexual preference is. They just want that chance to live like everyone else and also to be loved and cared for. There are many other reasons why cats deserve their own month but I think the key points have been made. Oh, did I mention how cats love us unconditionally and actually they’re good for a human’s health? Yes, cats do heal us  and comfort us when we’re sick. In fact, petting a cat can help lower a human’s blood pressure. So certainly, that’s another reason why June needs to be kept as Adopt A Cat Month. Of course, I think after Obama shoving the cats aside in order to make way for the LGBT community to have a pride month will probably cause conservatives to want to spend time petting a cat just to keep their blood from boiling.

Well, hopefully I’ve stated my case rather well on why June needs to remain as Adopt A Cat Month. If you have the chance to adopt a cat, please head down to your local animal shelter or contact your local no-kill animal rescue organization to adopt. There are many cats needing new homes and whether you’re gay, straight or otherwise you’re guaranteed a friend for a lifetime.

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