Obama Declaring June LGBT Pride Month Is Offensive To Both Cats & Humans

When Barack Obama declared June to be LGBT Pride Month he offended both cats and humans. Yes, he did indeed fail to recognize that June is actually Adopt A Cat Month which is recognized by animal rescue organizations across the country in an effort to get more cats adopted into good and loving forever homes. I wonder how proud Obama must be knowing that he offended 2 different species on this planet? First by failing to recognize June as National Adopt A Cat Month, and second by shoving the cats aside and declaring it to be a national month of gay pride. Imagine what would happen if someone in this country proclaimed one of the 12 months of the year to be Straight People’s Pride Month or Heterosexual Appreciation Month? I’d imagine the liberal left would have a problem with that.

Of course, this issue has affected the business world as well. One business owner in Phoenix says his company will not recognize June as being LGBT Pride Month however it will recognize it as Adopt A Cat Month. While the local media won’t report about this, at least there’s one person with the guts to stand up for both the cats, and the conservative humans who love them. In fact, the business is offering 1 FREE hour of it’s computer troubleshooting or repair services to anyone that adopts a cat from a local animal shelter during the month of June. The name of the company is Panther TEK by the way.

It’s pretty obvious that the cats got slighted in this one, which has raised a single question for cat lovers. Why does Obama hate cats so much? I’d say if you fail to recognize June as Adopt A Cat Month then you obviously are showing your distaste for them. The local, if not the national media should be reporting about this one.  A majority of the people in this country aren’t members of the LGBT community and certainly don’t share all their views. In fact gay conservatives are stating that having an LGBT Pride Month is ridiculous and offensive. Some of them are cat lovers and they think it’s bad form to not recognize Adopt A Cat Month. I have to wonder why even the liberal cat lovers out there aren’t outraged over the fact the cats got trampled on in order to make way for month of gay pride? They claim to be for equality yet have remained silent when the cats get shoved aside so easily in order for them to celebrate same sex pride.

Getting cats adopted is more important since so many of them are in animal shelters waiting to be adopted. Most gay humans don’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll find a family or be euthanized because the place they’re staying at is running out of room. That is a reality for a lot of cats that have no home, especially if they’re not lucky enough to end up at a no-kill animal shelter to await adoption. June is an important month for cat awareness because it’s also kitten season and the animal rescue organizations are overwhelmed by cats. June is the month that awareness is raised about this plight and to get humans to open up their hearts and homes to those cats that need one.

I just have to say that I find the whole idea of a month dedicated to gay pride as offensive and it’s not because I’m a straight cat lover. There is no useful purpose to it other than to state that some are proud of their sexual orientation. You can do that at anytime as long as you don’t shove it in people’s faces. Having an LGBT Pride Month isn’t about equality at all, no matter how much the liberals try to make it out to be. There’s nothing equal about pushing one species to the side in order to have a month to celebrate your sexuality, color or even your religion. The cats are being shoved aside here as are the animal rescue organizations that work to save them.

Overall, I think cat lovers whether you’re straight or not should be outraged. They should be flooding the White House with emails, letters and calls demanding that Obama rescind his proclamation of June being LGBT Pride Month and recognize it as Adopt A Cat Month. That would be the right thing to do. If the members of the LGBT community are offended by it,  then maybe they should take a good hard look at who they’re hurting, and that’s the cats.


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