Cat Galaxy Creator & Station Manager Passes Away

Isis, one of the creators, managers and owners of the first internet radio & TV station for cats known as Cat Galaxy passed away earlier today after battling a liver infection and other issues. Isis was 15 years old when she went over the Rainbow Bridge and was loved by many who knew her. She died at home with her loved ones, including her brother Icarus and her human Nohl Rosen who is also a surviving creator of the famed station for cats.

Isis was also one of the driving forces behind her human’s computer company Panther TEK and like Cat Galaxy became an iconic symbol for the two brands. The family has asked that donations in her memory be made to Arizona Safe Haven For Animals which rescues cats and finds them good homes. Although not originally adopted from the rescue, Isis encouraged her human to be involved with saving cats and he is currently involved with Safe Haven as its Public Information Officer. She is expected to be buried this Sunday at a private ceremony at the shelter.

“I will miss her terribly and so will her brother Icarus. I held her and thanked her for the joy and love she brought into my life as she passed. She was my daughter and my constant companion. I’m thankful every day I got to spend with her and be her servant. She was indeed a real royal. Icarus has been strong but he definitely misses his sister already. No doubt, this has been devastating and I feel like a piece of my heart is missing. She was a very special cat,” Rosen said.


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