Beloved Cat To Receive Honored Burial Tomorrow In Scottsdale

There’s no doubt that Isis Rosen left her mark on the world and tomorrow morning surrounded by loved ones and well wishers, her body will be laid to rest at a quiet ceremony at Safe Haven For Animal’s shelter in Scottsdale. Isis is credited for helping to create the first and only radio and TV station for cats to enjoy which is based in Phoenix, AZ.

Ever since the station first started broadcasting in 2001, Isis has been its manager and now her brother Icarus is expected to take charge. But Isis was more than just a manager to a station that broadcasted to cats around the world, she’s was also a beloved companion to her human Nohl Rosen who also helped create it. Besides managing Cat Galaxy her likeness also became the symbol to her human’s computer repair company Panther TEK as well and she was featured in many news stories both local and national.

“I will miss her terribly and so will her brother. It’s hard to believe she is gone but she left a very special mark on this world and she was well loved. She was also the reason I got involved in animal rescue and it’s great knowing she’ll continue to make a difference long after she crosses the Rainbow Bridge,” Rosen said.

So far Isis is the only non-Safe Haven Cat that has been given the honor to be buried at shelter which shows just how much people loved and respected her. Rosen says he’s received well wishes from many humans both locally and across the planet when they heard the news of her passing.

“It has meant so much to me and Icarus to hear from so many humans and cats that offered their sympathies and support. I’m sure Isis knows just how many lives she touched and that she’ll always be with us,” Rosen added.

For those who want to attend her service at Safe Haven please call 480-980-8541. The family has also requested that if anyone wishes to honor Isis’s memory to make a donation to Safe Haven as well. The ceremony will take place at 9am.

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