Local No-Kill Cat Rescue Organization In Danger Of Losing Its Shelter

Summer isn’t particularly kind to many no-kill animal rescue organizations in the Phoenix metro area as donations to them dwindle during the summer months. One of those groups, Safe Haven For Animals is now in danger of losing its shelter due to lack of funds leaving the cats that presently call it home facing an uncertain future and many more in foster care waiting to get in with nowhere to turn for help.  Besides money, the organization also is in desperate need of cat food and litter now that kitten season is in full swing and Safe Haven is now at capacity and no longer taking in any more cats.

Safe Haven is a special place where cats are allowed to roam free and the volunteers at the shelter work hard to provide as much of a home environment for them as possible. While some residents have only just arrived and begun their stay, some others have been there for several years hoping to find that perfect home. One such resident, Nala arrived at Safe Haven as an 8 week old kitten because of her special needs. She’s now 10 years old and the shelter’s longest term resident. Nala is also the group’s ambassador and often greets visitors and volunteers when they visit the shelter.

Besides all the cats that walk the house allowing those wishing to adopt a unique experience to find just the right cat (all one has to do is sit on the floor and the right cat will definitely catch your eye), Safe Haven was where Isis, Cat Galaxy’s station manager and owner was buried. Though she was never a resident, she was so well loved and respected that Safe Haven’s director allowed her to be buried on the grounds where the shelter now stands.

Currently, the organization is renting the space but faces an eviction as funds have dried up which leaves the cats there in a very dire situation indeed. For at least two years now Safe Haven has been hoping for someone to step forward to offer them a new place to call home. While the ideal situation would be to have the facility donated, the rescue group is willing to accept a new home with lower rent (right now it’s $1,100 per month and the building is a former house that has seen much better days due to age) and located in a safe area.

If Safe Haven were to close the doors of its shelter for good, that would not bode well for cats at all. Currently, Safe Haven is one of only a handful of organizations in Arizona that’s lucky enough to have a shelter specifically for cats to go to. If it closes then the no-kill community, not to mention the cats will feel the weight. It’s now a desperate situation and the SOS has been put out for help. The question is, will cat lovers answer the call? We hope so.

If you want to reach Safe Haven directly call 602-421-7120.  We have also linked Safe Haven’s web site above as well.

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