Can We Have A Little Truth In Journalism Please?

Just how low will the liberal media sink to sell a story? Well, if you were at the anti-Obama protest in front of Desert Vista High School in Phoenix earlier this week, then you’d probably say as low as the bar can take them. And if you want some juicy stuff to try to put conservatives in their place for being against Obama, just make up a few things or at least twist a few words to make the story look better.  It seems that the Arizona Republic may have erred just a bit when they decided to run with a story claiming that conservatives were chanting “Bye Bye Black Sheep” and making racist comments. Well, the truth is, it was slightly inaccurate. Yes, there was a song sung apparently at the rally called Baa Baa Black Sheep which was sung in reference to the old TV show Black Sheep Squadron about a ragtag group of World War II pilots.  But those involved explained to a reporter what the reference was which had nothing to do with race. There were protesters against Obama’s visit to Arizona that did make sheep noises towards the Obamites, not because of his race but because they felt those who followed him so blindly were sheep.

The Arizona Republic also reported that Obama supporters outnumbered those against him even as the motorcade was leaving. That was also not accurate. Then again accuracy in the liberal media is something of a myth. The real fact is the anti-Obama supporters far outnumbered his supporters, but that was frequently ignored by the media that showed up to cover the event. But hey, the liberal media is known for either throwing a few facts out or wrapping them with twist ties.

Of course, when one bag of garbage is thrown on the street, there’s sure to be others that join the pile. The Washington Post and even the Huffington Post decided to quote and run the Arizona Republic story on their websites, despite some of it’s inaccuracies. All of them failed to mention the crudeness of the Obama supporters who shouted obscenities at the conservative protesters that stood against them. The race card was pulled by the liberals, which is a tactic they often use when they have no foundation to stand on. And when they need help, leave it to the Washington Post and the Huffington Post to come up with a way to try and make conservatives look bad by making them look like gun wielding mad racists who are out to get the Obama supporters. The Huffington Post and those like them aren’t real journalists. They’ve lost their objectivity and have become members of Obama’s propaganda machine. Of course, when you consider that their target audiences are the uneducated and fellow liberals, the conservatives will get painted in a bad light anyway. I guess even the lowest common denominator in this country needs something to read even if the words aren’t true.

Remember the 2008 and even the 2012 elections?  The liberal news media did everything to make it look like Obama could walk on water, heal people’s wounds with the wave of his hands, part the Red Sea, and every other miracle that only God can perform. If I were God, I’d be mighty upset that some people are looking to Obama for all their answers and not him. The liberal media continues to treat Obama like he’s the Messiah and will do anything they can to make him look good.

Never mind that he’s helped bankrupt the country with his out of control spending. Never mind that he fails to provide the country answers to all his numerous scandals (Benghazi, Fast & Furious, just to name a few) and has tried to shred the Constitution which is the sacred rulebook we’re supposed to follow and that every President swears to defend when they take the Oath Of Office. You know that oath that says in one of the lines “and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Well, maybe Obama thinks it doesn’t count for him because he was born in Kenya and believes in arming Muslim terrorists. He’s certainly no friend to Israel, that’s for damned sure. Obama’s rise to power was the same as Hitler’s and we all know what happened when the Nazis came in control of Germany. Millions of Jews were rounded up and killed while the propaganda machine continued to spit out lies to the people. In fact, the news was controlled by the government so the people only heard one side. Yes, that does have an air familiarity doesn’t it?

A journalist’s job is to make sure the news is reported accurately and balanced but the mainstream media has strayed from that path. They’ve taken sides politically and it’s apparent to free thinkers that when it comes to Obama, they do what they can to protect him and attack those who call him out on the mess he’s created for our country. During the 2012 election, the media did everything they could to attack Mitt Romney. While he wasn’t the most perfect candidate for the Republicans, he did dare to question Obama on his outlandish spending, the 47% of the people on some type of government assistance and mentioned the millions who were out of work in this country. Romney’s plan was to put people back to work instead of giving them handouts. The media however  decided to twist the words of Romney and try to make Obama look good when their job was to report the news and stay objective. That’s a path over the years that mainstream media has strayed from.

However, there is a silver lining in this cloud of half truths and twisted words put forth by the liberal media, there are more grass roots conservative news outlets being created. Breaking News Journal for example has sprung up and is leading the charge to bringing some dignity back to journalism where it’s a bit more fair and balanced. Yes, it’s a conservative news outlet but if they interview someone regardless of their political affiliation, the quotes will be accurate as well as the information. That’s how journalism is supposed to be anyway and you can expect the trend of independent outlets to grow especially since we’re in the age of the internet and social media.

Overall, the liberal media has shown their true colors and I can see why people are frustrated. When you hear one side all the time, it’s not news, it’s propaganda. This happens when government gets bigger and is supported by people who encourage it. Many times we saw movies or read books about the future (you have to love science fiction) where only one side controlled the news and another that fought to put the truth out there. What was once fiction is now reality. It’s kind of scary, isn’t it?

If you want to see what the scene really looked like, here are a few photo’s and video sources of the protest from the conservative side of the street.


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