Marshmallow Protest Points Out That Congress Is Soft On Obama

The first bag in what is being called The Great Marshmallow Protest was delivered to Senator Jeff Flake’s office recently.  The event is encouraging voters to send a bag of marshmallows to each member of Congress to point out that they’ve gone soft on Barack Obama and failing to make him accountable for his many scandals (Benghazi, Fast & Furious, the IRS targeting conservative groups, etc.), giving illegal immigrants a fast path to citizenship, the Affordable Healthcare Act (aka Obamacare), or preventing his outrageous spending on his many vacations.

“We the people need to remind our members of Congress that they’re supposed to representing us and it’s pretty apparent that they’ve gotten soft when it comes to Obama. I figured that marshmallows are the perfect symbol of what our members of Congress has become. They have a duty to protect the Constitution and to be the voice of the people and in my opinion have fallen way short of that,” said Phoenix resident Nohl Rosen who started the protest.

Last week Rosen attended a town hall hosted by Senator John McCain and brought a bag of marshmallows to show just how he feels about Congress. That moment went viral and was seen on many news stations, websites and blogs across the country.  While the incident made waves, Rosen says people need to start speaking out and hopes that when the members of Congress start receiving large amounts of the sweet tasting treats at their offices, they will take notice. He figured this was a non-violent way to help take back the country.

“There was a time in our country where we learned about the Constitution or said the Pledge Of Allegiance to the flag. Those times seem to be somewhat of a distant memory these days and it’s pretty sad to see the direction of where our country is going,” Rosen added.

Information regarding The Great Marshmallow Protest can be found on Facebook at

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