Cat Picture Hopes To Get 1 Million Likes On Facebook To Help No-Kill Cat Rescues During The Holiday Season

During the holiday season humans across the country tend to hold toy drives for needy children or come up with clever ways to help the homeless. But what about helping the cats? Well, it seems that is always forgotten about so Cat Galaxy has started an effort to get a cat picture 1 million likes on Facebook as well as have it re-tweeted the same amount of times on Twitter to remind the humans that no-kill cat rescues need help as well.

For no-kill cat rescues they get no visit from Santa Claus or a Christmas Angel tree to encourage humans to buy their favorite toy. As a matter of fact the only wish for many cats in the shelters this holiday season is to get a new and loving home. In fact, over the holidays no-kill cat rescues across the country get very little support and often times are left out of the whole holiday charity drive events. Yes, even the news media shows no concern in covering the fact that no-kill cat rescues are needing help this holiday season which points to reason that cats simply aren’t on their radar unless it’s Lil Bub or Grumpy Cat.

So, Cat Galaxy decided that it would try to do something to bring attention to the plight of cat rescues across the country by attempting to get a picture of its Station Manager to be seen by many and convince the public that no-kill cat rescues need help with everything from food to volunteers. But the biggest need is money as it takes that to pay for everything from vet visits to the everyday needs such as shelter, food, cat litter, and yes sometimes even rent to pay for the roof over the cats heads while they wait for that new home.

Yes, the holiday season can be rough on cats and we hope many will share the picture of Icarus as he too is a rescue who was lucky enough to find a home. 1 million likes is the goal and hopefully many humans will see that this is a worthy effort. After all, it only takes a second to like and share. Will you help make this goal a reality?




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