Radio Station For Cats Says Final Goodbye To Its Creator

Cat Galaxy’s human DJ, sheds a tear on the air during the memorial broadcast to remember Isis, creator of the first radio station for cats.

In what is considered the station’s most difficult broadcast to date, Cat Galaxy the first and only radio station for cats said a teary goodbye to its creator and station manager Isis Rosen who passed away. Listeners tuned in worldwide via the internet to hear the emotional memorial broadcast as the station remembered the cat that started a revolution in broadcasting which gave cats a voice in a world dominated by human media outlets. The broadcast was so moving that it also brought the station’s human DJ to tears. At times, the new station manager Icarus could also be heard on the live show by listeners as he cried out for his sister.

It was apparent to all who listened that she was well loved and won’t ever be forgotten.

“This was the hardest broadcast we ever had to air,” said Nohl Rosen who hosted the show. “She left us a great gift with Cat Galaxy which will also be her legacy. I don’t think this is goodbye (in regards to Isis leaving) but rather saying “see you later.”

Cat Galaxy first began broadcasting on April 21, 2001 and has been on the air ever since. You can find it online at

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